NCAA Football '13: Game's Best Teams

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NCAA Football '13: Game's Best Teams

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    NCAA Football is back and better than ever. 

    With over 120 teams in the game, it can sometimes be difficult to pick out which one to play with.

    However, if you're trying to figure out which team to use, you've come to the right place.   

    After playing with a majority of the teams in the game, I've figured out which ones are the best if you're trying to have fun while dominating your competition. 

    This article will describe each team, their impact players on offense and defense, ratings of each positional unit and will break down each team's style of play so you can decide which team suits you.    

    All ratings given in the article are out of 100 and are based off of the ratings in the game, not off of my personal opinion. 


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    This year's Razorbacks squad is one of the best all-around teams in the game.


    Arkansas features one of the best quarterbacks in the game (Tyler Wilson - 94 overall), a host of great running backs (Knile Davis - 92, Dennis Johnson - 86 , and Ronnie Wingo - 85), great receivers (Coby Hamilton - 91, Julian Horton - 85 and Javontee Herndon - 83) an above-average offensive line (83 on average), and a good tight end (Chris Gragg- 86).


    Arkansas' defense isn't very exciting.

    Although they are good at some positions, the majority of the defense is just average.  

    The defensive line (83 average) is somewhat effective against sub-par offensive lines, but their middle linebackers (75 average) aren't anything special.  

    The highlight of the defense comes at the outside linebacker position in LOLB Alonzo Highsmith (88), a stud who is able to beat opposing OT's with consistency.  ROLB Ross Rasner is a fast player who is an adequate run-stopper and pass rusher.

    Arkansas features one good CB in Darius Winston (83) and a solid FS  in Eric Bennett (87)

    Special Teams:

    Arkansas' return game is one of the best.  Rohan Gaines (85) and Cobi Hamilton (99) return punts and kicks.  Both players are speedy and can take it the distance.  

    Kicker Zach Hocker (86) is solid as well. 

    Impact Players:

    QB: #8 Tyler Wilson

    RB: #7 Knile Davis

    WR: # 11 Coby Hamilton

    LOLB: # 45 Alonzo Highsmith

    Arkansas is a good team for you if:

    1) You like a balanced offensive attack.  Tyler Wilson delivers an accurate ball, the receivers are able to elude coverage and get downfield and the running-back/offensive line combo is one of the best in the game.

    2) You are more offensive-minded.  Arkansas' offense may be the best in the game.  Their defense isn't. 

Florida State

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    My favorite team to play with, Florida State is an all-around solid team.


    E.J. Manuel (88 overall) is a dual-threat quarterback who has the ability to scramble and deliver one of the most accurate balls in the game.  

    Behind him, Florida State has a couple speedy running backs who are always a threat to take it the distance in open space in Chris Thompson (89 overall) and Devonte Freeman (86).  

    Niether running back is the strongest physically, so if you're looking to break through tackles and pound the rock, Florida State is not the team for you.

    FSU's offensive line is strong and can open up big holes in the running game.  

    Wide receiver might be the strongest area for the Seminoles.  All of their wide-outs are above 80 overall and are fast.  Rodney Smith headlines the group with an 89 overall rating. He's 6'6 and is always a threat in the red-zone. Rashad Greene is a deep-threat, and Kenny Shaw is a great off the line of scrimmage and is an above-average route runner.


    Florida State's defensive line may be the best in the game.  Led by Brandon Jenkins (91), the unit can penetrate almost any offensive line and can stop opponents for losses consistently. 

    Although they are not solid at the MLB position, FSU's outside linebackers are great pass rushers and are also good in coverage. ROLB Nick Moody (82) and LOLB Christian Jones (86) lead the way.

    The Seminoles' secondary is just plain filthy.  CB's Xavier Rhodes and Greg Reid combine to average 88 overall, are speedy and rarely get beat in man-to-man coverage.  FS LaMarcus Joyner (90) is solid in coverage and can pin opposing QB's and RB's for losses consistently when blitzing.  

    Special Teams:

    As one of the best returning corps, LaMarcus Joyner and Greg Reid return punts and kicks and can take it to the house on any given play.  

    Kicker Dustin Hopkins (92) is an All-American and probably the best kicker in the game.  He is always reliable for last second field goals. 

    Impact Players:

    QB #3: EJ Manuel

    RE #4: Brandon Jenkins

    FS #20: LaMarcus Joyner

    K #18: Dustin Hopkins

    CB/KR #5: Greg Reid

    You should play with Florida State if:

    1)  You like flat-out speed.

    2)  You like playing with a dual-threat quarterback.

    3)  You want to play with both a solid offense, and an exciting defense.

Kansas State

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    One of the most exciting teams to play with, Kansas State is an offensive powerhouse. 


    One of the most solid dual-threat quarterbacks in the game, Kansas State's Collin Klein (93) is fun to play with.  He delivers an accurate ball (89 accuracy rating) and can scramble for large chunks of yards effortlessly.

    KSU has a great, quick running back in John Hubert (89) and a solid backup in Angelo Pease.

    One of the team's biggest weaknesses is at wide receiver—Chris Harper leads the group with a 85 rating.  The group is a speedy one, but is not anything too special. 

    The offensive line is a strength. Their left guard Nick Puetz (91) is a force and can open up huge holes in the running game.  The rest of the group makes up one of the most solid lines in the game with an overall average rating of 86


    While not sub-par by any stretch, defense is not a reason to play as the Wildcats. 

    Their defensive line averages an 83 overall rating and can be disruptive once in a while.

    Linebacker is a strength as MLB Arthur Brown (90), ROLB Tre Walker (82) and LOLB Jonathan Truman (80) combine to form a disruptive unit.

    KSU's secondary isn't great, as the starting CB's average a 78 rating.

    Special Teams:


    Anthony Cantele (85) is a capable kicker and punter Ryan Doerr is one of the better punters in the game. 

    Impact Players:

    QB #7:  Collin Klein

    RB #33: John Hubert

    MLB #4: Arthur Brown

    You should play as Kansas State if:

    1)  You like to run the ball and pass on play-action—good running backs combined with a great offensive line make pounding the rock a lot of fun.

    2) You like using a dual-threat quarterback.

    3) You don't mind playing with only a decent defense.  


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    If you like to pound the rock, you'll love Wisconsin.


    Although quarterback Danny O'Brien (87 overall, 66 accuracy) isn't the best, he is fine for the rare occurrences when you actually decide to throw the ball.

    Wisconsin has the best offensive line in the country (92 average) and the best tandem of running backs in Montee Ball (98) and James White (91).  In other words, you don't need to throw the football if you're Wisconsin.

    Wide receiver isn't a strength, but it's also not a weakness.  Jared Abbrederis (91) is a solid, speedy receiver who can cause a lot of damage, but he's the only standout in the WR corps.

    Tight end is a huge strength, as Jacob Pederson is one of best tight ends in the game and can prove useful in the red-zone. 


    Wisconsin's Defense is surprisingly good at all positions.

    Their defensive line averages an 85 rating and can be disruptive against weaker offensive lines.

    The linebacking corp is hands-down one of he best in the game and features an All-American MLB in Chris Borland.  The unit as a whole averages an 88

    The secondary is solid—the CB's average an 85 and safeties an 84.  

    Special Teams:

    This unit is quite solid overall, with everyone combining to compile and 87 overall average.

    Impact Players:

    RB #28: Montee Ball

    MLB #44: Chris Borland

    TE #48: Jacob Pedersen

    C #72: Travis Federick

    You should play as Wisconsin if you:

    1) Love running the ball.

    2) Rarely pass the ball.

    3) Enjoy playing with a great defense. 


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    If you like electrifying speed and wacky playbooks, then Oregon is the team for you.


    Led by some of the most explosive running backs in the game, Oregon relies on a successful running game to eventually open up passing opportunities.  Running backs Kenjon Barner (94) and De'Anthony Thomas (90 overall; 96 speed) make up one of the best tandems in NCAA Football '13.  

    Starting QB Bryan Bennett is surprisingly rated very well in NCAA '13.  His overall rating of 88 combined with his speed (88) and throwing accuracy (91) make him one of the best dual-threat QB's in the game.

    The Ducks' offensive line is also one of the best in the country.  Led by All-Americans Nick Cody (91) and Carson York (92), the Ducks' line as a whole averages a 88 rating

    The wide receivers are the weakest part of this offense.  Though speedy and athletic, Oregon's receiving corps does not feature one player whom defenses really need to double-team.  However, give the players open space and they'll take it the distance everytime. 


    Oregon's defensive line is solid, but not extraordinary.  Dion Jordan is rated the highest among the group with an 89 overall rating.  The rest of the line averages an 83 rating.  That is not bad, but it's not great.  

    The linebackers are very athletic and pin opponents behind the line consistently.  Because Oregon's playbook consists of a bunch of blitzes, these athletic linebackers can reach the opposing ball-carrier or quarterback quickly.  

    The secondary is one of the team's strengths.  FS John Boyett is a playmaker who, when asked to blitz, can make incredible plays.  The starting CB's, while good, aren't the game's most elite.  The secondary as a whole averages an 84 rating.  

    Special Teams

     Oregon has one of the best special teams units in the game.

    De'Anthony Thomas returns kickoffs and punts and is a threat to take it the distance every time he has the ball due to his incredible speed. 

    Kicker Anthony Maldonado is a solid player, and kicks the ball into the back of the endzone on almost every kickoff. 

    Impact Players:

    FS #20: John Boyett

    RB #24: Kenjon Barner

    ROLB #46: Michael Clay

    LG #77:  Carson York

    RT #61:  Nick Cody

    You should play with Oregon if:

    1) You're willing to spend time perfecting the hurry-up offense and learning the play book.

    2) You like to run the ball more than you like to pass it. 

    3) Like Ricky Bobby, you want to go fast

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