NCAA Football 13: Use of Heisman Legends Gives Latest Edition Best Twist Yet

Eric BallFeatured ColumnistJuly 13, 2012

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Doug Flutie throwing a Hail Mary with the Miami Hurricanes. Barry Sanders breaking tackles with the Texas Longhorns. Eddie George donning a Michigan Wolverines jersey.

All of it's possible for the first time ever in a video game thanks to EA Sports' latest college football game.

NCAA Football ’13 (in stores now) has plenty of new features to sink your teeth into this season.

There is a new passing system which has altered the way you control the quarterbacks. You are now able to skip play action after already snapping the ball.

“Total Control Passing” gives you 25 pass trajectory zones when you are looking for the open man in the pocket, which requires the perfect blend of figuring out the right amount of force to use on the left joystick, ensuring the ball reaches your receiver in stride.   

Recruiting is more complex than ever with better scouting and player grades.

But the main feature that should convince you to buy this year’s version is the Heisman Challenge.

With 16 former Heisman winners available to play, you are given a list of goals which reflect that particular Heisman winner’s season, in an attempt to see if you can replicate their outstanding year.

While the mere thought of playing with the likes of Herschel Walker, Desmond Howard and Carson Palmer is tantalizing, the ability to play them with any team is really what makes this game exciting.

Rivalries go out the door when you are trying to win the Heisman with Robert Griffin III wearing an Oklahoma jersey, and you need a 500 yard performance in the last game of the season against Baylor to secure the hardware.

Video games are all about fantasy, the ultimate opportunity to play the “what if” game virtually. Trading players to their rivals has been going on in the Madden series for years. It’s the only chance to see what Tom Brady looks like in a New York Jets jersey.

For that reason, I always preferred it over the college game, where the players were just numbers. Now that you can put actual names to some of these players, everything has changed.

Heisman Challenge is a brilliant idea by the EA folks, and it has convinced this football freak to switch allegiances over to the collegiate side.