NCAA Football 13: Best Former Players to Use in Heisman Challenge Mode

Rob GoldbergFeatured ColumnistJuly 9, 2012

Photo courtesy of EA Sports
Photo courtesy of EA Sports

The creators of NCAA Football 13 have added a new wrinkle to this year's game to make playing a season a little more interesting: you can add past stars to any current team. 

According to EA Sports, there are 10 former Heisman Trophy winners that gamers can use in the Heisman challenge mode. Plus, there are six more stars that are additionally available outside of the game.

The goal is, of course, to win the award all over again, which would unlock the player in further game modes.


Here is the full list of players with the years they won the Heisman:

Marcus Allen–1981

Doug Flutie–1984

Eddie George–1995

Robert Griffin III–2011

Desmond Howard–1991

Carson Palmer–2002

Barry Sanders–1988

Charlie Ward–1993

Andre Ware–1989

Herschel Walker–1982 


Available through the NCAA Football 13 demo download:

Tim Brown–1987

Archie Griffin–1974, 1975 

Jim Plunkett–1970 


Available through NCAA Football 13 pre-order from GameStop:

Mark Ingram–2009 

Matt Leinart–2004 

Tim Tebow–2007 


There is a lot of college football history in this list, but those playing the game will have to decide which talented athlete they want to use. Considering these players are supposed to have accurate ratings, these are the best options to pick for your game.


Barry Sanders

In 1988, Barry Sanders had one of the best collegiate seasons in history, regardless of position. He finished the year with 2,628 rushing yards and 37 touchdowns, both of which are records.

He simply dominated the sport, breaking tackles and getting himself into the end zone seemingly at will.

In a video game, adding Sanders almost seems unfair. Even without a good offensive line, he would instantly help any team have the best rushing offense in the country and put up ridiculous numbers as you work for an undefeated season. 


Carson Palmer

There are a number of quality quarterbacks that will be available, but none of them have the pure passing ability of Carson Palmer.

Depending on how you want to run an offense, a mobile quarterback like Charlie Ward or even Doug Flutie might be a better choice, but any pro-style team could use the arm strength and accuracy that Palmer displayed during his final season at USC.

Imagine a run-heavy team like LSU having the ability to throw the ball deep at any time.


Desmond Howard

Barry Sanders might have had the best season as a running back, but Desmond Howard did everything for Michigan in 1991. 

He scored 23 total touchdowns during the year by rushing, receiving, returning punts and returning kickoffs into the end zone. Adding Howard to the depth chart would improve the offense and special teams, and you have more options to light up the scoreboard. 

As long as you do not put him on Ohio State, there should be no problems.