50 Current College Football Coaches Players and Teams That Will Annoy Us in 2012

Alex Callos@@alexcallosCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2012

50 Current College Football Coaches Players and Teams That Will Annoy Us in 2012

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    No matter what sport it is, there are always some teams, players and coaches that annoy us.

    Whether or not it is because they are a bitter rival or a team that is hated due to the face that they are so good, every name on this list is despised by more than someone.

    Some teams may be deemed annoying because of the fan base, while others have just had so much success that people have grown to dislike them.

    Now, being on this list could be taken as a compliment. These teams, players and coaches are relatively successful, which makes them that much more annoying.

    Here is a list of the 50 most annoying coaches, players and teams that will be wreaking havoc on a large portion of the college football world in 2012.

No. 50 B.J. Daniels

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    South Florida quarterback B.J. Daniels is an annoyance to everybody—even his own fans.

    He has been at South Florida for what seems like a decade and has enough talent to beat anybody with his feet or arm.

    However, he makes so many mistakes in key situations that he has to drive his own fans nuts.

    He has the talent to beat opposing teams with a big play at any time, though.

No. 49 Tennessee Volunteers

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    Tennessee struggled to a 5-7 campaign in 2011, and the fans were rather quiet at that point.

    But once the season ended, the SEC and the rest of the nation didn't hear the end of it from the Volunteer faithful.

    They blamed all of last season on a few injuries and believe they have one of the top three quarterbacks in the country.

    This team is likely headed for six or seven wins, but most fans would consider them contenders for an SEC title.

No. 48 Brady Hoke

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    The Mike Golic lookalike led Michigan back to a BCS bowl berth last season and is not afraid to voice his opinion.

    Ohio State fans certainly have a strong dislike for this guy, as he refers to the Buckeyes as simply "Ohio."

    Hoke will be around for quite some time, and Michigan is a good team that will likely get even better.

    The annoyance level of this guy will likely grow every year.

No. 47. Dayne Crist

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    Did Dayne Crist ever really do anything that special at Notre Dame?

    So, what is all the talk about him being able to have any success at Kansas?

    The Jayhawks are likely to finish at the bottom of a very competitive Big 12, and Crist will be nothing to write home about all season long.

No. 46 South Carolina Gamecocks

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    South Carolina is a hot pick to contend for an SEC East title, and it has plenty of talent, but until the Gamecocks finally do something, why is it necessary to hear about how great they could be?

    Even with Steve Spurrier, they have not been able to get over the hump.

    Odds are that is not going to happen this year, but they will battle with Georgia for the division.

No. 45 Todd Graham

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    There are a lot of coaches who jump ship, but few of them do it like Todd Graham.

    The new Arizona State head coach left Pittsburgh after one season, and even though I don't know too much about him, he does not rub me well.

    Something about this guy is just annoying.

No. 44 Blake Bell

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    Blake Bell is a big boy, and he is hard to stop when the ball is in his hands. He became a huge weapon in goal-line situations, running the Wildcat offense to perfection.

    It has almost gotten annoying how hard he is to bring down, and next season he will be even more difficult. This is a guy who is seemingly going to be there forever.

No. 43 UCLA

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    Jim Mora Jr. is taking over at UCLA, and it will likely improve this season.

    The Bruins became very annoying when they reached a bowl game after finishing 6-7 last season.

    Who wants to hear about a sub-.500 Pac-12 team?

    Not me, but I guess there really is no choice.

No. 42 De'Anthony Thomas

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    I personally love the "Black Mamba." He is one of the most electric players in college football and is as fast as anybody.

    But how much are we going to hear about this guy next season? There is no question that it is going to be far too much.

    "Black Mamba" will be a term people will get tired of by season's end.

No. 41 Rich Rodriguez

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    Rich Rodriguez has never been a guy who was very well-liked, and it was kind of nice having him be nonexistent last season.

    He will be relevant once again, though, as he has taken over the Arizona Wildcats job.

    Will Rodriguez run this program into the ground like he did Michigan? That is likely, but either way, he will be one of the most annoying coaches in college football next season.

No. 40 TCU Horned Frogs

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    TCU is finally entering the big time, and while it has a talented team, it will not be bad seeing the Horned Frogs put in their place.

    They have the talent to compete near the middle-to-the-top of the conference, but will get quite a wake-up call this coming year.

    For those fans who think undefeated seasons are a possibility, that is no longer the case.

    If they do get a few wins, though, this team will be extra annoying.

No. 39 Frank Beamer

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    Frank Beamer is a great college football coach, but he knows how to work the system, and the Hokies have been a hoax a few times in recent years.

    Virginia Tech had people fooled last season into thinking it was a legitimate BCS team. The Hokies did not really play anybody all season, and those teams they played annihilated them.

    That will likely be the case again this season.

No. 38 Zach Mettenberger

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    Not since former Michigan quarterback Drew Henson has somebody been talked about so much for doing so little for so long.

    Mettenberger has hardly seen any college action, but he is discussed as much as almost any quarterback in college football. The LSU season will hinge on if he can do enough to win, and don't get tired of hearing about that, as it will be a hot topic all season long.

No. 37 Stanford Cardinal

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    How many times this year are we going to hear about Andrew Luck and how much Stanford misses him this season?

    That is going to be one of the most annoying things about the entire college football season.

    What is the over/under on how many times the name "Andrew Luck" will be mentioned next season?

No. 36 Chip Kelly

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    Chip Kelly does not seem to care too much about anything but winning, and he has done quite a job as far as that is concerned.

    Off-the-field issues are another story.

    Kelly seems to turn his head to what is happening with his players on a somewhat consistent basis. He has a fun and fast-paced offense and is very annoying compared to most head coaches.

No. 35 EJ Manuel

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    EJ Manuel is a very solid quarterback, and he is certainly the best at that position for the Seminoles.

    But he is talked about an awful lot for somebody who has only thrown for 24 touchdowns in three seasons.

    Manuel is a key to the Seminoles' success, and if he stays healthy, they should be a threat. I am sure we will hear all about him in the coming months.

No. 34 Arkansas Razorbacks

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    I am already sick of hearing about Arkansas, as the Hogs have been in the news all offseason.

    Now their head coach is bankrupt, but we will get to that later.

    According to most, the Arkansas offense will be dynamic next season, but there are still a lot of question marks as far as health is concerned.

    While some may think they can contend for the SEC title, the Razorbacks have a long way to go.

No. 33 Bob Stoops

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    Bob Stoops has been known to choke in a big game or two, but he has won his fair share as well.

    This guy has a big ego and is not afraid to run up the score at the expense of a severely overmatched team, particularly when he has a quarterback who could be a Heisman contender.

    In 2012, fans may get a heavy dose of that, as Oklahoma is very talented—dare we say, national championship contenders...cough cough. 

No. 32 Matt Barkley

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    There is really nothing to hate about Matt Barkley, and that is what makes him so annoying.

    He is the All-American boy and is the front-runner for the Heisman Trophy in 2012.

    USC is arguably the best team in the country, and this name is going to be heard all season long. Fans of other teams will be sick of Barkley by the end of the year.

No. 31 Boise State

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    Boise State was never that annoying when it first burst onto the scene, but as it continued to have success, the Broncos become hard not to hate.

    This year, even though they lost as much talent as anybody, there is no question that most of their fans still think they are a threat.

    Putting this team in their place would be nice, particularly for the fanbases of the big-name schools.

No. 30 Mack Brown

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    Mack Brown typically has as much talent as anybody in the country, and this season, the Texas defense will be loaded. There are not many coaches that need more talent to win than Brown.

    The Texas faithful are one of the largest fanbases in the nation. If the Horns lose a few games early on, talks will start as to whether or not Brown should be fired.

No. 29 Montee Ball

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    I am a huge fan of Montee Ball, and he is possibly the best running back in the country.

    With that being said, how many times are we going to have to hear about him breaking Barry Sanders' single-season touchdown mark?

    Ball tied it last year. Will he get there in 2012?

    The chase will be well-documented and talked-about. That's for sure.

No. 28 Florida State Seminoles

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    As if the Seminoles' "War Chant" is not annoying enough, over the past few years the college football world has had to deal with them being extremely over-ranked.

    Will it be much of the same this year?

    Florida State is going to be ranked in the Top 10 as it seemingly always is, and fans will have to hear non-stop about how great the defense is all season long.

No. 27 Mike Leach

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    Mike Leach is back coaching at Washington State, and while the Cougars do not get too much publicity, they will be talking about Leach all season long in the Northwest.

    How much will his departure from Texas Tech be talked about next season?

    Odds are way too much. Good thing there are not many Washington State games worth watching.

No. 26 Braxton Miller

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    If fans didn't know, Braxton Miller is the perfect fit for the Urban Meyer offense, they will in September.

    That is a topic that has been discussed over and over since Meyer arrived in Columbus.

    Miller is a terrific player and has the potential to be a Heisman candidate by 2013, but do we really need to hear about it non-stop until then.

No. 25 Miami (Fla.) Hurricanes

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    Miami has been in the news a good amount due to the issues it has had off the field.

    The "U" was annoying enough when it was good and in the news, but now that the Canes are bad, there is no reason for them to be talked about other than off-the-field issues.

    They have plenty of those, and the conversation is nonstop.

No. 24 John L. Smith

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    John L. Smith has taken over for Bobby Petrino and is reportedly declaring bankruptcy.

    Hearing about that is annoying enough, but Smith is also only an interim coach, so that tag will be hanging on him all season long.

    The Razorbacks are talented, and this may not be the best person to be coaching the team this year.

No. 23 Knile Davis

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    The way people are talking, Knile Davis is going to lead Arkansas to the top of the country.

    While he is an excellent running back, returning from an injury like the one he suffered is not going to be easy to do.

    The Arkansas season will likely hinge on the health of Knile Davis, so get used to hearing all about that.

No. 22 Washington Huskies

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    Washington seems to be the hot pick to jump into the Top 25 and to contend with Stanford just below the big two in the Pac-12.

    The only problem is, the Huskies struggle on the defensive side of the ball.

    They will continue to be talked about as the hot pick until they lose a few games.

No. 21 Derek Dooley

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    Derek Dooley may not be on the hot seat, but he very well should be.

    The Volunteers were a huge disappointment last season, and another year like that could find him on the chopping block.

    Dooley has never really done anything as a head coach, with four losing seasons during his five years running a program. Hearing about him is certainly not necessary.

No. 20 Geno Smith

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    Geno Smith is not just a product of the system. He has a lot of talent and also the size to be an NFL star.

    With that being said, his numbers will be extremely inflated next season due to the fact that he might be playing for the best offense in the country.

    People will think Smith is better than he really is, and the talks about him and the Heisman might continue the entire season.

No. 19 Ohio State Buckeyes

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    Ohio State is going to be very good in 2013, and during the entire 2012 season, the Buckeyes are not bowl-eligible—get used to hearing about that.

    As if hearing about Urban Meyer won't be bad enough, there is the fact that Ohio State is not bowl-eligible, and the Buckeyes playing for 2013 will be a hot topic all season long.

    Did we mention Ohio State is not bowl-eligible?

No. 18 Steve Spurrier

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    Steve Spurrier is best-known for his days at Florida, but has had some successful years at South Carolina.

    But do we really need to hear all about it?

    The Gamecocks are probably never going to be able to get over the hump and contend for an SEC title as long as Les Miles and Nick Saban are at their respective programs.

No. 17 Baylor Bears

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    Baylor is likely not going to be relevant next season, but there is no question that Robert Griffin III will be talked about so much that fans will still think he is there.

    The Bears are going to miss him maybe more than any team has ever missed anybody.

    That is saying a lot, but it is possible that, even though RGIII is gone, he will still be talked about like he is there.

No. 16 Gunner Kiel

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    One thing is certain—Les Miles is not too fond of Gunner Kiel.

    The heralded quarterback had thoughts of going to Indiana, then LSU, but ended up at Notre Dame.

    When will the chants start for him to be inserted as the Notre Dame quarterback next season?

    One thing that is guaranteed is we will all be hearing about it when he is ready.

No. 15 Bret Bielema

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    Bret Bielema is what many people would call a crybaby. He seemingly is always finding something to whine about, no matter what it is.

    This offseason, he accused Urban Meyer of shady recruiting practices.

    I'm sure sooner or later Bielema will be heard from once again.

No. 14 Penn State Nittany Lions

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    The off-the-field issues for Penn State have been well-documented the past eight months, and more news continues to surface regarding Joe Paterno.

    This is likely to continue, and if more information comes out at the wrong time, it will not be fun to hear about when there is action taking place on the field.

No. 13 Collin Klein

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    Collin Klein is similar to Denard Robinson in that he has trouble throwing the football and might get too much publicity for what he is worth. 

    While he is a Heisman contender, he will be grouped with the two other top-tier quarterbacks in the Big 12 and will be compared to Landry Jones and Geno Smith throughout the season.

    The talks will not stop, as the best of these three is certain to be a Heisman finalist.

No. 12 Charlie Weis

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    Charlie Weis is probably not going to do too much at Kansas. The Jayhawks need a lot more than a head coach to help that.

    The funny thing is, Weis is not even the man for the job—even though he is a big name.

    Weis and Kansas will likely fade fast after a few non-conference wins, and nobody really wants to hear much about them, anyway.


No. 11 Landry Jones

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    Landry Jones is another player who seems like he has been in college for quite some time. He is finally entering his senior season and is one of the best quarterbacks in the country.

    Oklahoma will have one of the best offenses in the nation, and Jones will be the anchor of it all. Get ready to hear his name as a Heisman contender with the inflated offensive numbers he will put up.

No. 10 Les Miles

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    What is a list of annoying personalities without Les Miles?

    The quirky LSU head coach is known for chewing on grass and making boneheaded decisions from time to time. That makes for good television, and somehow he consistently has LSU near the top of the nation.

    Miles may be shown on the sidelines as much as any other head coach in college football.

No. 9 Michigan Wolverines

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    Michigan was bad for a few years, but now it is back and not afraid to tell the world about it.

    The Wolverines may have been a farce last season. They did not really beat anybody, but their fans think otherwise.

    It will be interesting how they fare this year, but if Michigan beats Alabama in the season-opener, look out—there will be chaos in that state.

No. 8 Lane Kiffin

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    Lane Kiffin has been known to burn a few bridges.

    He left the Tennessee Volunteers hanging a few years ago, where he had some shady recruiting practices that left the Vols in a world of hurt. 

    Who knows how long he will be at USC, but there is no question that Kiffin knows exactly the best time to jump ship.

    With how good USC will be this year, Kiffin will be hard to handle.

No. 7 Tyrann Mathieu

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    The Honey Badger is one of the most dynamic players in college football, and considering all the publicity he got last season, expect this year to be even worse.

    Tyrann Mathieu will be a name that is heard often throughout the 2012 college football season. Whether or not he has a successful season, "Honey Badger" will become overused.

No. 6 Brian Kelly

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    Notre Dame gets plenty of unwarranted publicity, and at the heart of it all is head coach Brian Kelly.

    The loud-mouth offensive genius is not afraid to speak his mind to just about anybody, and the words he uses to get his point across are nothing short of offensive.

    Watch his face turn red all season long on NBC.

No. 5 Nick Saban

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    Nick Saban is one of the best coaches in college football, and because of his winning ways, he is one of the most annoying coaches in the country.

    Saban has won two of the past three national championships, and he has done it with a lot of talent.

    Most of his critics would like to see what he would do with less talent, but I think we already know that answer.

    The complaining and whining Saban is known for put him on the list.

No. 4 Denard Robinson

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    Denard Robinson is the closest thing to Tim Tebow that college football has right now. He has trouble throwing the ball and is great with his feet. He also is talked about like he is one of the best quarterbacks in the country.

    The truth is that he is fast, but that is about it. Robinson is prone to turnovers and is not nearly as talented as people make him out to be.

No. 3 Urban Meyer

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    Urban Meyer has been annoying since his time at Florida, and now he's where he has always wanted to be.

    The Ohio State Buckeyes will certainly be better this season and in the coming years, but Meyer has already been accused of shady recruiting practices.

    This guy is a great coach, but is hard to like for anybody living outside of Columbus.

No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide

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    There is no fanbase that is as annoying as the Alabama Crimson Tide. They are good, and they are not afraid to tell the entire country about it.

    In 2012, expect much of the same from the Crimson Tide and their fans. 

    Alabama is one of the top five teams in the country, and another national championship would be tough to deal with for everybody else.

No. 1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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    Never has a team been talked about so much for doing basically nothing for so long than the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and that is why they are topping the list.

    While they have had some solid years, you would think they are one of the best teams in the nation; the fact is, they even have trouble cracking the rankings every year.

    Outside of the SEC, the Fighting Irish are the most talked-about team in the country, and they really have not been relevant for quite some time.