HBO Hard Knocks Campus Edition: 10 CFB Programs We'd Love to See Featured

Connor Killoren@@Connor_KillorenSenior Analyst IJune 5, 2012

HBO Hard Knocks Campus Edition: 10 CFB Programs We'd Love to See Featured

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    Prior to each NFL season, HBO produces a documentary entitled Hard Knocks.

    The series centers around one NFL team and its journey through training camp prior to the beginning of the 20-game slate.

    It's truly a no-holds-barred program, as the language is uncensored and the violent hits unedited.

    Should there be a similar documentary for college football, there are a number of programs that we'd love to see featured. You'll find those programs listed in this slideshow.

    Let's get started.

10. Notre Dame

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    No program in America receives as much media attention as Notre Dame.

    College football fans across the country have been debating whether not Notre Dame is still "relevant" for years. All the while, the Fighting Irish have had their games broadcast to a national audience on NBC.

    What would make this storied program such an intriguing candidate to be aired on the fictitious version of college football's Hard Knocks is to see whether or not Brian Kelly's face turns different shades of purple during practices, just as it did during a loss to South Florida in the first week of the 2011 season.

    HBO would also likely see a small increase in subscriptions, as Notre Dame appeals to a massive audience.

9. Arizona

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    The Arizona Wildcats will be under the leadership of first-year head coach Rich Rodriguez in 2012.

    Rodriguez has been one of the most controversial coaches in college football during the past five seasons, mostly due to his messy departure from West Virginia.

    Rodriguez jumped ship in Morgantown to chase greener pastures at Michigan. Unfortunately for RichRod, his Wolverines accumulated a mediocre record of 15-22 during his three seasons as head coach in Ann Arbor.

    Rodriguez was also accused and found guilty of committing NCAA violations while at Michigan. He later declared that he should have never left West Virginia.

    Will he regret taking the job at Arizona? That's what makes Arizona's placement on Hard Knocks so intriguing.

8. Florida

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    The Florida Gators would be one of the most entertaining teams to view on Hard Knocks because of the team's propensity for breaking the law. 

    Under the guidance of former head coach Urban Meyer, there were 30 arrests involving 27 of his players during his six years in Gainesville.

    Now that former Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp has been on the job for one full season, his Gators seem to be better decision makers, or have simply gotten better at evading law enforcement.

    Muschamp's colorful language, along with the dynamic personalities on the roster, make the Gators a quality candidate for HBO.

7. Boise State

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    Who wouldn't want to see a little bit of the "smurf turf" on Hard Knocks?

    The team with the blue field, otherwise known as Boise State, has been one of the most wildly popular teams in the nation due to its constant attempts at showing America it deserves a seat at the big kids' table.

    For instance, last season, the Broncos played Georgia in Atlanta in front of a national television audience during Week 1. Chris Petersen and Co. sent a message to those big kids, beating the 'Dawgs 35-21 deep in SEC country.

    Having Boise State on Hard Knocks would provide a never-before-seen glimpse into the coaching staff's ability to gel a group of two and three-star recruits smoothly enough to beat some of the top programs in the country.

6. Texas

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    Mack Brown's Texas squad was ranked as Forbes' most valuable college football program following the conclusion of the 2011 regular season.

    Being able to see all the bells and whistles behind the closed doors of the Longhorns football program would be quite a sight to see.

    Not only that, but also consider the fact that football is a religion in the state of Texas.

    Having the Longhorns on the program would be a watered down version of the 2004 film Friday Night Lights.

5. Texas A&M

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    A member of the Big 12 conference since 1996, Texas A&M is in the midst of a transition to the Southeastern Conference.

    Add in the fact that the Aggies are under the leadership of a first-year head coach in Kevin Sumlin, and you have yourself one tantalizing offseason. 

    Having Texas A&M on Hard Knocks would give fans an in-depth look at Sumlin's ability to not only adjust his players to life in the SEC, but to a pass-heavy offense. 

    The scenario would surely make for must-watch television.

4. Michigan

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    One of the strongest brand names in college football, the University of Michigan would make for a natural fit for HBO.

    Viewers would have an all-access pass to second-year head coach Brady Hoke's no-nonsense approach to quarterback Denard Robinson's untied cleats.

    The Wolverines are also the most successful team in college football history, with 895 all-time wins.

    One of the most interesting angles of Michigan's appearance on Hard Knocks would be the Wolverines' preparation to take back the state of Michigan, after having lost four consecutive games to rival Michigan State.

    Michigan is tired of becoming the "little brother."

3. Alabama

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    It's only appropriate that the defending national champions be considered a candidate for Hard Knocks.

    The Crimson Tide have claimed two of the past three national championships, each under the direction of already legendary head coach Nick Saban.

    Yes, using the word "legendary" to describe Saban is fitting, as there is already a statue of his image outside of Bryant-Denney Stadium on Alabama's campus.

    Watching Saban prepare his team during fall camp would certainly be a treat.

2. South Carolina

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    Having "Head Ball Coach" on Hard Knocks would be a joy, to say the least.

    Steve Spurrier is one of the most charismatic head coaches in America and would be the central figure on the program, without a doubt.

    While Spurrier has yet to lead his Gamecocks to a BCS game, his presence alone is enough to bring national attention to South Carolina's football program.

1. LSU

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    From "The Honey Badger" to "The Hat," LSU would be a highly entertaining documentary feature.

    The Tigers are coming off a loss to archrival and conference foe Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game and are favorites to reach the national title game once again in 2012.

    Head coach Les Miles' antics alone may be enough to keep viewers entertained for hours on end.

    Miles has been known to have an eclectic taste in music, which includes rapper Lil' Wayne.