Maryland Football: Colorful New Field Will Add Intrigue to Terps' Program

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistJune 2, 2012

While the Maryland Terrapins recorded an abysmal 2-10 record last season, they were the focus of many discussions because of their colorful new uniforms.

It may not be just the uniforms that catch prospects' eyes anymore, though; there could be a major change in what the Terps' field looks like.

After the success the school saw in popularity and merchandise sales with the state flag-inspired gear, it decided to take the smart financial road and invest that money into another unique concept that can drive in even more income.

Omar Mohammed of WUSA9 News is reporting about the school’s decision to go with a synthetic surface for the new football field and the talk of the school changing the color:

The athletic department's media relations has contacted me, let me know at this time no final decision has been made on the color of the field. I asked if they were considering on changing the color at all and was told the following:

"Don't know the final details on color yet... No final decision has been made...Yes, the surface will be synthetic, rather than grass... Will be finished in time for the home opener on 9/1."

It seems as though a color change is being considered and we will know what the final decision is in the upcoming months.

The biggest question now is, what color?

While the uniforms prove there is no limit to how gaudy the program will get, it leaves the possibilities wide open. There is one image floating around the web (h/t Bar Stool U), but how close to reality it will become has yet to be seen.

No matter what color the field ends up being (as long as it's not green), it will just continue to add intrigue to a team that needs all the help it can get creating hype.

A 2-10 record won't get top prospects through the door, but a cool field, crazy uniforms and plenty of playing time might.

The hope for the Maryland fans is that this evolution of drastically changing uniforms and color schemes will start to bring in the kind of talent that could help the team win games.

That is what it's all about, isn't it?


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