Florida State Football: Which Former Player Will Have Best Rookie NFL Season?

Cole Dolan@@ColeDolanCorrespondent IIIMay 16, 2012

Florida State Football: Which Former Player Will Have Best Rookie NFL Season?

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    The Florida State Seminoles have produced some great NFL talent over the years. From Anquan Boldin to Deion Sanders, some of the biggest NFL stars have come from Tallahassee.

    The talent in the 2012 NFL draft was not what we are used to, being that a Seminole wasn't taken until the fourth round.

    However, that doesn't necessarily equate to a sub-par career in the NFL. We have all heard of the 199th pick in the 2000 draft.

    Tom Brady, anyone?

    While Brady may just be that one-in-a-million player that explodes into stardom in the NFL, climbing up to success from the bottom of the draft is achievable. 

    Especially for this former Florida State Seminole.

    Who do you think it is? Leave a comment before clicking and finding out!

Zebrie Sanders

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    If you told me you picked Zebrie Sanders to be your choice to have the most successful rookie from Florida State next year, I would want proof.

    Sanders has been flying under the radar since the moment he declared for the NFL draft.  Then again, it is somewhat understandable that there was not that much media coverage.

    Offensive lineman aren't the most popular players.

    Sanders started 50 games for the Seminoles, including 36 straight. He even notched an impressive 36 knockdown blocks.

    In his own way, Zebrie was a star player, but I hope none of you mistook the popular "Sanders" Florida State Seminole jersey for Zebrie instead of the legendary Deion Sanders.

    Joking, of course. No true Seminole fan can make that mistake.

    While Deion Sanders was a star from day one, Zebrie's athleticism and his experience on both sides of the center will be key in his path towards NFL success.

    With more work in the weight room and the addition of a couple extra pounds, other teams will be sorry they passed up on him.

    After all, he was projected to possibly sneak into the first round.

    Over 100 picks later, and the Buffalo Bills nabbed him in the fifth round, and they are going to be glad they did.

    After a hot start and a solid rookie year, Zebrie will be a nice addition to any offensive line for the next several years.