Georgia Football: 5 Things That Will Keep Mark Richt Up at Night

Brian JonesContributor IMay 6, 2012

Georgia Football: 5 Things That Will Keep Mark Richt Up at Night

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    Being a head coach for a major college football program is not a easy job. There are early mornings, very late nights and they have to deal with close to 100 young adults on a daily basis during the season and in the offseason.

    So one could imagine a coach does not get enough sleep because of the pressure they face day in and day out. For Mark Richt, he seems to get enough sleep because he is one of the most even-keel coaches in all of college football. But if there were some things that would keep him up at night, it would be these five things.

Suspended Players

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    The Bulldogs are no strangers to player suspensions, especially this year because to start the season, they will be without Sanders Commings, Branden Smith, Alec Olgetree and Bacarri Rambo.

    Richt understands that these players are young men and they will make mistakes. But a coach never wants to start the season with half of the starting lineup not playing in the opening game of the year.

    Richt also wants these players to be outstanding men off the field because they are role models to children. Having Richt hear that a certain player is in trouble because of drugs, assault or theft, it has to frustrate him just a little bit.

Offensive Line

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    One of the major questions about this year's team is the stability of the offensive line. With Justin Anderson, Cordy Glenn and Ben Jones gone, the Bulldogs have to find three new starters, which probably won't be complete until the end of preseason camp.

    The talent is there, but for some reason, they don't play as consistent as many people would like. Richt has said that he likes how the offensive line has made strides during camp, but there has to be a little bit of concern because the offensive line will look very different from last year, and there's not as much depth as there has been in recent memory.


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    Georgia is one of the best places in the country to find top-notch recruits, so Richt wants to be sure he gets a good amount of those players to help the program to be a powerhouse.

    He has done a good job keeping the in-state players here as well as getting some of the top recruits in Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee. But he has to be worried about the players that have committed to Georgia signing with another team on National Signing Day, especially this year with the whole Josh Harvey-Clemons ordeal.

Florida Gators

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    There's not too many teams that Richt can't handle. But the Florida Gators have given the two-time SEC champs fits ever since he arrived in Athens. Richt has only beaten the Gators three times since 2001, which, in all honesty, is better than Ray Goff and Jim Donnan.

    The Bulldogs should be the favorite to win this year, but for whatever reason, they have a hard time winning in Jacksonville. The Bulldogs did win last year, but they had to fight their way back in the game after being down big early in the first half.

Steve Spurrier

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    Steve Spurrier knows how to get under a coach's skin because he's the type of guy that likes to tell it like it is.

    Does Richt let Spurrier get under his skin? Probably not, but the comments that Spurrier has said about Georgia have to frustrate Richt.

    Recently, when Spurrier was asked about his thoughts about playing the Bulldogs later in the year, he said it's unfortunate because you can always count on two or three players being suspended.

    Richt laughed off the comments, but he's too much of a professional to respond. Though, it would surprise nobody if Richt told his players to lay it into the Gamecocks when they play in October.