Oklahoma State Football: 5 Best Home Games to Attend in 2012

Bradlee Ross@rossbeCorrespondent IIMay 3, 2012

Oklahoma State Football: 5 Best Home Games to Attend in 2012

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    The Oklahoma State Cowboys have a great 2012 home schedule, full of worthy, big-name opponents. But which games are best to go to?

    We've got you covered there. Longhorns, Red Raiders, Ragin' Cajuns and Horned Frogs will all visit at certain times, filling out an enthralling slate of games that any fan would be lucky to attend.

    Here are the five best Cowboy home games for you to visit this season.

Savannah State

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    Why is this game important? It's against a very small-name school that would have no shot against the Cowboys' backups.

    It's big because it is the first game of the year. The first opportunity to see the team minus Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon. The first for fans to see true freshman Wes Lunt run the offense. It's exciting and a huge game as part of a new era.


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    When the Texas Longhorns visit Stillwater on September 29, the Cowboys will be attempting to defeat them for the third consecutive time.

    That's never happened before, and it will be tough to accomplish. Whether it does or doesn't, it will be a great game to watch. Texas has been a young team for a few years now and will finally have some experience, while Oklahoma State is in the exact opposite situation.

Iowa State

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    Revenge is a dish best served...period. That's what the Cowboys will be thinking when the Iowa State Cyclones come down to visit. ISU was the Cowboys' lone loss in 2011, and the only road block to a BCS title appearance.

    Orange Nation will be thirsty for vengeance and hoping that their young team is mature enough by that point in the season to deliver.


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    TCU has been a premier program in recent memory and is now in a big-time conference thanks to that. The program has thrived in the Mountain West and is now ready to make the jump.

    It won't be an easy matchup for the Cowboys in a reloading year, especially since TCU had its reloading year last season. A new opponent and a new rivalry are always interesting, and few things are more entertaining.

West Virginia

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    Former Cowboys offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen will return to Stillwater to face his old team in a huge matchup of offenses that he established at both programs.

    West Virginia proved last season that it can score with the best of them, and even though the Cowboys will be young, they too will be able to make the scoreboard flicker. It will be a high-flying shootout that any fan would be lucky to see.