Passionate Fans Held Hostage By Recruits

Princess CooperCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2009

It is now six days 'til signing day. I like so many other passionate Gator fans have been waiting to see what some of the top 100 prospects are going to do on Feb. 4.
I don't know how this process got to be as it is. But, to coin a phrase, "it is what it is." Knowing that though doesn't make it any easier on those of us who want the success of their program to continue and those of us who want our programs just to to improve.
Now, personally I thank the likes of Andre Debose and Nu'Keese Richardson for stepping up to plate and making it so before the deadline. And, I give them an early Go Gators!!
But, those recruits who have started to believe everything they read and believe all of their hype, I say, "enough already."
The fans, the reporters, and ESPNU have made this a three-ring circus and these 17- and 18-year-olds are Barnum and Bailey. We hang on their every word even when it is evident that their knowledge of our program is minuscule.
And then we let them tell us about our precious program and coaches and rate us amongst others. We search with such intensity on how they are leaning. We search the thoughts of their coaches, parents, and of course the thoughts of that uncle who's living vicariously through the nephew. Then we post what we heard...we blog...and then we predict. And truly, none of us really know. Maybe the parents....maybe the coaches know the hearts and minds of these recruits. But I am beginning to doubt that.
I submit to you though that this process is tedious...nerve-wracking and just not fair to the serious fan...the passionate fan. We Gators would like to personally thank Greg Reid for his contribution. His de-committing, making a list if the front runners, and then eliminating Florida all together really got me nervous.
So, what if we have an early signing day? Would that help? Or, is that something that the coaches want or just something that the fans want? It would surely take away some of this drama. It would surely take away some of this courtship of high school age men. But, would it be advantageous? Maybe, we as fans should just ignore the process until signing day? (I am sure that ESPNU doesn't want to hear that) Maybe next year I will try that approach.
For now though, I am a hostage of all that are on the Gator Prospect List. I will waiting to see what they decide. To see what hat they put on, or see if they do the Gator Chomp, or the Tomahawk, or Heaven forbid dawn the dreaded black and red. Good luck recruits of 2009 and please set us free Feb. 4.