Ohio State Football: Going Inside the Buckeyes with Adolphus 'Diesel' Washington

Michael ChungCorrespondent IIIApril 2, 2012

Buckeye Nation often points to the hiring of Urban Meyer on Nov. 28, 2011 as the turning point of one of the worst years in Ohio State football history, but one week before Meyer was hired, Ohio State received a commitment from Cincinnati Taft High School DE Adolphus Washington, whom many regarded as the top player in Ohio.

Upon his commitment to play for the Buckeyes, Washington mentioned that he hoped to play for Meyer; he received his wish. I had a chance to ask him a few questions. He also has a nickname, "Diesel," so his initials will be AD for his first name and his nickname.

You committed before Urban Meyer took the job, why did you commit then?

AD: I committed because the coaches still were trying to get me to come there even though they knew they were not going to be there, so I knew I was going to a good school, but the main reason I went was because it was my dream school.

Would you have decommitted had Urban Meyer not taken the job?

AD: No, I would of stayed committed because I love Ohio State. 


Why do you think Ohio State has not been strong in recruiting Cincinnati?

AD: Honestly, I don't know, but we do have a lot of talent in the Cincinnati area.


Are there any players in Cincinnati that have told you they would like to come to OSU?

AD: Yes, a lot of people at my school always ask me to get them on and tell the coaches to give them a chance. But a lot of people always ask Dwayne Stanford because he's going to Oregon.

What did the coaches communicate to you in regards to playing time this year?

AD: They said they want all the D-line to come in playing, and coach Meyer said he doesn’t redshirt, so you have to come in ready to play.

With a lot of returning players on the D-line, did they think you will play this year?

AD: I don't know, but I hope to at least get in the rotation. 

What is your relationship like with Mike Vrabel? How do you think he will help you grow as a D-lineman?

AD: We have a very good relationship. He was a professional in the NFL, so I know he can teach and guide me a lot as a football player.


What will you major in?

AD: Either nursing or sports management.


Brady Hoke and Michigan have gotten off to a great start in recruiting; should Buckeye Nation worry, or do you think Urban will bring in a better class?

AD: We will be better.

Thanks to "Diesel" for taking time out to answer our questions, and we look forward to watching him in scarlet and gray the next few years.