The 12 Worst Head Coaching Jobs in College Football

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The 12 Worst Head Coaching Jobs in College Football
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College football is a magnificent display of pageantry and athleticism. It is a game that unites people from every walk of life in a passionate frenzy which culminates every Saturday in the fall.

Cheering fans, playing bands and the crashing of pads and helmets of opposing teams echo the stairwells and upper decks of storied stadiums all across the land. It is a ceremony of brutality and grace forged in a quest for the retention of a school's pride and the reward of a team's glory.

College football fans, and fanatics alike, celebrate their team's every victory and suffer heart break every time their favorites suffer loss.

In nearly every case, those same dedicated and loyal fans place accolades and blame on one man. In victory he may be raised on the shoulders of his loyal players, but in defeat he may carry the weight of an entire fan base upon his own.

Of course, the man spoken of is the head coach, and it is not a role for the faint of heart or the thin of skin.

The head coaching job in college football requires a person to be a spokesman, motivator, role-model, manager, recruiter, businessman and probably ten other hats including football coach. It is a difficult job, and requires extreme dedication and overwhelming hours of preparation.

It is a demanding job that absolutely demands success and is not kind to those who do not find it.

So, knowing that, why in the world do so many coaches choose to take positions that are, shall we say, less than excellent?

Coaches sign contracts to coach in places that make winning a nearly impossible task, and yet demand it early and often. Or, worse yet, they agree to coach in locations that couldn't care less about football and spend little time or money on making it better.

It seems many coaches are set up for failure before they ever blow their first whistle, and this is that list. This list contains the top 12 current college football coaching jobs that make it nearly impossible to succeed.





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