Where Are Michigan Football Fans in Spring?

joel bradleyContributor IJanuary 16, 2009

Every spring us football fans see Texas and Oklahoma and whoever else hold these huge spring games. The fans are jacked up, the players love it, and the whole experience looks phenomenal.

Why doesn't that happen at Michigan?

I guess an obvious answer would be the weather, right? But living in the Midwest, we know all about the cold weather. Especially now, my thermometer on my computer reads 11 degrees, but with the wind chill the temperature is more like -6 degrees. We still tough it out to shovel, snowplow, and rake our roofs.

But yet an excuse to not attend Michigan's spring game is weather, and the game is played in April.

With all of the so-called die-hard Michigan football fans out there, Michigan Stadium never gets close to full capacity for the annual spring game. This is Michigan football—for many of us, it's life. Michigan football depends on the 107,000-some odd fans for home field advantage, for prestige, for recruiting, and most importantly, money. Fans make every sport what it is. Without fans there would be no game—there would be no sports.

If we can honestly say that our beloved Michigan Wolverines are the leaders and the best, shouldn't we back it up by supporting them even in the spring?

Are we seriously unable to bear 50-degree weather?

So let's make this a call out to all who read this and call themselves Michigan football fans. Show up April 11 and show that you care. Show how much you want them to be dominant again. Show them how important Michigan football is.

Think of what that will do for these kids, as they will then enter the strenuous conditioning program that they give their blood, sweat, and tears to. The reward would be tremendous for them. This is our chance to say we care, and that we want to truly be the leaders and the best.

The game is free, and obviously you sit where you want to sit. When can you say that you can go see Michigan football play for free? Think about that—what an opportunity that is for the people who cannot afford to take their families to a game. What an experience it is simply to be in that stadium, recollecting all of the great memories that we as Michigan fans have.

So let's do it this year. Let's show Rich that we are behind him, that he made the right decision to come to Michigan, because we are the leaders and the best. And what about having it be a maize-out? That would make the game that much more electric for the players. Because after all, the spring game is all about the players.

Let's give them a reason to feel good about coming to Michigan, especially the kids from Florida. Let's show them we care and we want to be number one again.