Mark Sanchez Says Good Bye to USC

Jonny SAnalyst IJanuary 14, 2009


According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Mark Sanchez will announce tomorrow his desire to leave USC early and enter the 2009 NFL Draft. He is projected to be a first round pick and depending on his workouts, he may even be a top ten pick.

Sanchez only started for one year at USC. He had a very good year for a first year starter and due to the fact that USC runs a pro-style offense, Sanchez is going to get a lot of high praise from scouts. Many experts say he has a Carson Palmer type arm, which to all of you who are unfamiliar with Palmer...that is a huge arm!

My opinion as a USC fan is this...

I want him to succeed and think he should do what makes him happy and if he feels he is ready, he should go for it. However, I watched every game this season and although Sanchez improved each and every game, I still don't think he is ready for the NFL.

He has all of the tools to be a great, great quarterback at the NFL question with Sanchez has always been his emotional roller-coasters. When things went well, he was unstoppable and when he struggled you could see it in his face.

I am not an NFL scout or an expert by any means but if this report is accurate and Sanchez does announce that he will leave for the NFL, I think it will be at least two seasons before you see Sanchez reach his possible potential.

I believe that the main reasons why he decided to turn pro (If it is indeed true) are these:

1. Sam Bradford is returning to Oklahoma...which means Sanchez may be the top QB taken.

2. Matt Leinart is his good friend and rumors have circulated that Leinart had told him to turn pro. Leinart, as some may remember, returned to USC for his senior season and even though he had another great season, his draft stock dropped. Sanchez probably doesn't want to miss his opportunity and next year with Tebow, Bradford, maybe McCoy going pro, he feels like it is his time now.

Teams I think may take Sanchez in the draft?

Chiefs- Have a lot of talent but their qb's have been awful.

Rams- Marc Bulger and Trent Green got old fast...Stephen Jackson is a great running back, Sanchez could be a good fit.

Lions- I doubt Sanchez will go number one but with the Lions you never know. There is also a possibility that they will trade their pick and select Sanchez a few spots down.

Tampa Bay- Jeff Garcia has been decent but Tampa needs a good quarterback to help out that solid defense and nice rushing attack. They would need to trade up.

Bears- Not sure they are sold on Orton or Grossman...

Vikings- If they had a decent qb they would be a super bowl contender. They drafted John David Booty from USC last year, maybe he will get a shot? Sanchez is better though.

49ers- As a 49ers fan...I would love to get Matt Cassel but I would take Sanchez too even though he isn't ready yet. Anyone is better than Alex Smith and company.

What do others think? Big mistake? He is smart? I think he is smart because of this year's draft class but he is making a mistake also because he isn't ready.