The 9 Least-Known College Football Records That Will Shock You

Bradlee Ross@rossbeCorrespondent IIMarch 7, 2012

The 9 Least-Known College Football Records That Will Shock You

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    There are some things about college football that the average fan does not know. Some of these records will shock you.

    College football has been a sport in the United States for nearly 150 years. All kinds of strange records exist that would surprise most modern-day fans. Whether it is the record for the most championships or the amount of punts in one game, many are ridiculously outlandish.

    Here are nine that you probably don't know about that will shock you.

Most Claimed National Championships

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    Princeton has 28 claimed national championships.

    Yeah, you read that right. Princeton holds the record for the most claimed NC's. Yale is second with 26. After that, you get to the traditional powerhouses like Alabama and Michigan.

    Princeton won its last championship in 1950, and Yale won its last in 1926. Things have certainly changed in the last century.

Consecutive Losses

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    Prairie View A&M lost 80 consecutive games during the 1989-1998 seasons.

    As a fan, can you imagine your team losing literally every single game they played for an entire decade? That's what Prairie View A&M fans had to go through during nearly the entire portion of the 1990s.

    The former record was by Columbia University, who had lost just 44 games. These days Prairie View is doing much better. The Panthers won their conference championship in 2009.

Most Lopsided Defeat

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    On October 7, 1916, Georgia Tech defeated Cumberland College 222-0.

    Coached by John Heisman (and yes, the Heisman comes from his name), the Georgia Tech Engineers defeated Cumberland, who had discontinued their football program before the season. Heisman forced them to come and play his team and then ran up the score.

    Supposedly, Heisman did this for two reasons. First, he wanted to avenge a 22-0 baseball loss to Cumberland. Second, he wanted to make a point to college football. At that time, teams were ranked higher if they scored more. He was against it, and apparently did this to make the point.

Most Punts in One Game

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    In 1939, Texas Tech and Centenary combined to punt 77 times in a single game.

    It's ironic that a squad so respected for its offense in the last decade helped make this record. Apparently, this game was played on a very rainy night, and the rain was so bad that it prevented either team from doing much offensively.

    As if the total number wasn't shocking enough, there is another part that will shock you more. Nearly all of the punts in the game were kicked on first down!

Longest Made Field Goal on First Career Attempt

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    In 1982, Michigan State kicker Ralf Mojsiejenko made a 61-yard field goal on his first ever career attempt against Illinois.

    Picture it. You're a young college football kicker. You've never kicked in a game. The coach calls your number. You're excited, until you realize that you are being asked to convert a 61-yard field goal. Are you kidding me?

    Ralf Mojsiejenko might have made his whole career based on that kick. He went on to punt in the NFL and played for three teams. He made the Pro Bowl in 1987.

Most Passing Yards in One Game

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    On November 17, 1990, Houston quarterback David Klingler threw for 11 touchdowns and 716 yards against Eastern Washington.

    Klingler went on to have a decent NFL career, but he'll always be remembered for the massive numbers he put up for Houston, especially in this one game.

    The Houston quarterback finished his career throwing for over 9,000 yards and 91 touchdowns.

Longest Streak of Games Without Being Shut out

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    From 1978-2003, Brigham Young University was not shut out of a single game and scored in 361 straight contests.

    That is some offensive consistency. However, the most shocking part of this record is that is really isn't that shocking. This should really impress us. Yet, it just doesn't.

    Anyway, it is impressive. That's a long time to never not score in a game.

Most Yards Gained by a Single Player in a Single Quarter

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    On September 19, 1977, UNLV quarterback Jason Davis threw for 347 yards in the fourth quarter of a game against Idaho.

    That's a total that most players would kill to have in an entire game.

    The most shocking part of this record is that Davis had thrown for just 11 yards outside the fourth quarter. After his team got down big, he was thrown into the game and played pretty darn well for a back up.

Most Career Wins by a Coach

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    From 1949 through the present, John Gagliardi has won 484 college football games in 63 seasons of coaching.

    John Gagliardi may not coach Division I football, but his numbers are still shockingly impressive. Even if Joe Paterno could have guaranteed eight wins per season, it still would have taken him a decade to catch Gagliardi. Even then, Gagliardi is still coaching and winning games.