Tim Tebow Just the Sixth-Best QB to Face Oklahoma in 2008 Season

Roberto BobertContributor IJanuary 9, 2009

A lot of attention during the BCS Championship game was given to Dominique Franks saying Tim Tebow would be the fourth-best QB in the big 12.  I wondered how Tim Tebow ranked as far as a QB's performance against OU this season.  Doing a little research, it seems Franks overestimated Tebow. 

For QB rating against the OU team this season, Tebow graded out as the sixth-best QB to play against OU this season.


Player          Team                                     QB Rating                       

  1.  Zac Robinson, Oklahoma St.                      177.83          
  2.  C. McCoy, Texas                                         155.91
  3. Josh Freeman, Kansas St.                           143.24            
  4.  Ronnie Fouch, Washington                         140.62            
  5.  Todd Reesing, Kansas                                134.94            
  6.  T. Tebow, Florida                                       133.62            
  7.  D. Grutza, Cincinnati                                  133.14            
  8.  Graham Harrell, Texas Tech                       129.50            
  9.  Chase Daniel, Missouri                               126.32            
  10.  Jake Locker, Washington                            120.57            
  11.  Andy Dalton, TCU                                      81.56              
  12.  Jerrod Johnson, Texas A&M                        77.12  
  13.  Robert Griffin, Baylor                                 66.54   
  14. Joe Ganz, Nebraska                                     53.8              
  15. Tony Pike, Cincy                                         25.13              
  16.  All QB, Chattanooga                                     just really Bad

That may not be how some people judge a QB.  Let's look at points scored against OU. This time Tebow ranks a mediocre eighth.

Player                          Team                            Points against OU

  1. C. McCoy,                    Texas                                         45
  2. Zac Robinson,              Oklahoma St.                            41
  3. Josh Freeman,             Kansas St.                                 35
  4. Todd Reesing,              Kansas                                      31
  5. Joe Ganz,                    Nebraska                                    28
  6. Jerrod Johnson,           Texas A&M                                 28
  7. D. Grutza, Tony Pike,    Cincinnati                                  26
  8. T. Tebow,                     Florida                                        24
  9. Graham Harrell,          Texas Tech                                  21
  10. Chase Daniel,             Missouri                                       21
  11. Robert Griffin,            Baylor                                         17
  12. Jake Locker, Ronnie Fouch,   Washington                       14
  13. Andy Dalton,             TCU                                             10
  14. All QB                        Chattanooga                                   2

The points scored may not be entirely fair either, without examining the defensive or special teams scores.

Each QB could be rated based on yards passing, completion percentage, total yardage, or best hairdo.  The only category Tebow was No. 1 in against OU is total rushing yardage for a QB. 

The conclusion of all this: Lay off Dominique Franks—he was correct. 

Congratulations to Florida on winning the National Championship.  Maybe OU will meet UF in next year's BCS Championship game?