Big East Football: 5 Teams the Conference Should Choose Instead of Temple

Randy ChambersAnalyst IFebruary 22, 2012

Big East Football: 5 Teams the Conference Should Choose Instead of Temple

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    And the musical chairs of conference realignment continues.

    The Big East has lost several of their key teams with Syracuse and Pittsburgh heading to the ACC, and West Virginia leaving for the Big 12.

    With a conference that was becoming less relevant by the day, it was time for them to begin adding teams. 

    Recently they added Memphis to the conference, and will add several other teams in the future including Boise State and Navy, among others. Now there are reports that the conference has reached out to Temple and plan to reunite with a team that was in the conference for 14 years before being kicked out in 2004.

    While this possible addition is better than nothing, here are five other teams the Big East should reach out to instead of the Owls.


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    Villanova's successful basketball program is already in the Big East—so why not have its successful football program hop on board?

    This may be a last resort for the Big East since Villanova isn't really a national powerhouse in football—although it is one of the top FCS programs out there.

    The Wildcats will need to upgrade their facilities—but with some of that BCS money, they would be able to do so. It also wouldn't take long for them to be able to compete in the conference and would provide the conference with more recruiting area in the state of Pennsylvania.


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    What about Tulsa?

    Of course, the Golden Hurricanes would have to improve their stadium. But this team could benefit the Big East and bring some excitement back to the conference with their high-scoring attack.

    It would add a new media market to the conference and would give the Big East the option of adding another basketball program—as Tulsa has won 63 percent of its games since 1996.

    The conference could do a lot worse than adding a team that's made a bowl game six of the last seven years. 

Notre Dame

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    I know this is the most unlikely scenario, but Notre Dame may be forced to eventually join a conference, and if there's a spot for them in the Big East, why not?

    I'm sure they could figure everything out as far as the television contracts are concerned, and work a special deal on the side as far as BCS money.

    Notre Dame is already a member of this conference in every sport anyway.

    It may be a shot in the dark, but it's worth shooting for. Joining a conference may help both sides as the Big East needs teams and the Irish need to become relevant again.

    Sure, they're a program that will always be talked about, but joining the Big East may actually help them accomplish their goals on the gridiron.


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    This move was actually very close to happening just a few months ago, but the sides couldn't agree on television rights, so the talks faded away.

    But let's assume these two decide to make up and hammer out an agreement. It would be fantastic for the conference as a whole.

    BYU would be another competitive team to join the conference, but would also be bringing in a large television market and a huge fan base. BYU wants to be able to compete in a BCS bowl game, like everybody else, and have a permanent place to call home.

    The Cougars would be a great addition, that is, if talks were to ever pick up again.

Southern Miss

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    The Golden Eagles are one of the top teams in the C-USA, and actually won the conference last season with an upset victory over undefeated Houston.

    They have an enrollment of around 17,000 students and have invested nearly $67 million dollars into their athletic programs since 2000.

    There are also plans to improve the stadium they play in that already holds 37,000 people.

    Entering the Big East would open up new doors for recruiting for this team and also add a competitive team to a conference that currently lacks that.

    Southern Miss is a team that could compete with several BCS programs right now and would instantly become a top team in the new Big East.

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