SEC Football: Ranking Each Team's Football Uniforms

Chad Luse@@ChadLuseCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2012

SEC Football: Ranking Each Team's Football Uniforms

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    Any time you rank jerseys, coaches, teams or anything in the SEC, you know there will be some people ready to argue.

    People are very biased when they rank jerseys or stadiums. People think their school's jerseys are the best looking, when some SEC school's jerseys just don't look good.

    Trying my hardest not to be biased, I decided to rank every SEC school's jersey. I broke the topic down to five categories: tradition, color, helmets, jerseys and best uniform to wear for one game.

    I will rank all 14 SEC schools (have to start including Texas A&M and Missouri) in each category, and will add up the points. (12 points for first and one point for 14th.) The team with the highest total number wins.


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    Tradition in college football will never get old. Some teams pull off the traditional look very well.

    You need classic look and tradition to be ranked high in these rankings.

    1. Alabama

    2. Tennessee

    3. LSU

    4. Georgia

    5. Auburn

    6. Texas A&M

    7. Mississippi St

    8. Arkansas

    9. Florida

    10. Ole Miss

    11. Missouri

    12. Vanderbilt

    13. South Carolina

    14. Kentucky


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    The color of the jersey sticks in a person's mind, so it is pretty important.

    Some combinations of colors look great, but a few team's colors just do not go well with each other.

    1. Georgia

    2. South Carolina

    3. Auburn

    4. Alabama

    5. Vanderbilt

    6. Arkansas

    7. Florida

    8. Texas A&M

    9. Mississippi St

    10. Ole Miss

    11. Missouri

    12. LSU

    13. Kentucky

    14. Tennessee

The Helmets

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    The helmets are always fun to look at. Teams try to make different designs for their helmets so they can stand out.

    1. Auburn

    2. Georgia

    3. Alabama

    4. South Carolina

    5. Arkansas

    6. Vanderbilt

    7. Florida

    8. LSU

    9. Tennessee

    10. Texas A&M

    11. Missouri

    12. Kentucky

    13. Mississippi St

    14. Ole Miss

The Jersey

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    Fans always go to stores to buy team jerseys. It is the most important overall look.

    1. South Carolina

    2. Auburn

    3. Georgia

    4. Alabama

    5. Vanderbilt

    6. Florida

    7. Arkansas

    8. Texas A&M

    9. Ole Miss

    10. Tennessee

    11. LSU

    12. Kentucky

    13. Mississippi St

    14. Missouri

Best Uniform to Wear for One Game

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    Fans love to see their teams break out new jerseys for one big game.

    Here are the best jerseys I would want to wear for one game:

    1. Georgia—Blackout jerseys, 2008

    2. Florida—Whiteout jerseys, 2009

    3. LSU—Nike Pro Combat jerseys with white helmets, 2011

    4. South Carolina—Black jerseys with garnet pants and helmet

    5. Alabama—Nike Pro Combat jerseys, 2010

    6. Auburn—Navy blue Under Armour jerseys

    7. Vanderbilt—Black jerseys with gold helmets

    8. Ole Miss—Red jerseys, grey pants, blue helmets

    9. Mississippi St.—Blackout jerseys with maroon helmets

    10. Arkansas—Red Nike jerseys with red helmets

    11. Missouri—Black Nike jerseys with black helmets

    12. Tennessee—Orange jersey with orange pants

    13. Texas A&M—Maroon jerseys with maroon pants

    14. Kentucky—All blue uniforms

The Results...

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    1. Georgia (64 points)—The black "G" on the red helmet looks great, and the jerseys look sharp.

    t2. Alabama (58 points)—Alabama has the best traditional jerseys in the country. I love the numbers on the helmets.

    t2. Auburn (58 points)—Auburn wears very sharp looking Under Armour Navy blue jerseys.

    4. South Carolina (51 points)—Under Armour makes the garnet tops go very well with the white helmets.

    5. Florida (44 points)—The blue tops and orange helmets look sharp. I like the gators on the side of the helmet.

    6. Vanderbilt (40 points)—The gold helmets with the black star look very good. They have very sharp Nike jerseys.

    7. Arkansas (39 points)—I love the hog on the side of the helmet. It looks really good. They also have good looking red Nike jerseys.

    8. LSU (38 points)—If they wore purple tops more, then they would be higher on this list. But the white tops with yellow helmets get boring after a while.

    9. Texas A&M (30 points)—The plain maroon jerseys look good, but they can use some updates. I like the helmet, though.

    10. Tennessee (28 points)—There is just too much orange in these jerseys. They could add a secondary color like grey.

    t11. Mississippi St. (24 points)—The maroon is a good color, but it does not look that sharp. I prefer them to wear the black jerseys more often.

    t11. Ole Miss (24 points)—The red jerseys look really sharp, but they do not wear them that often. The helmets need an update, though. The Navy blue with red writing does not look that good.

    13. Missouri (17 points)—The black jerseys with black helmets look kind of boring. The yellow in the jerseys does not look that sharp.

    14. Kentucky (10 points)—Plain and simple, there is just too much blue in this uniform. They need to put black or grey in their jerseys.