Division II College Football: Underrated and Under the Radar

Connor HarrisonContributor IJanuary 31, 2012

They should have a TV channel dedicated to the lower divisions of football, like Division II. I've seen the national championships they actually air on TV, but never a regular season game.

I'm not going to lie. The games that I have seen are just as good, if not better than Division I football games. I've kept up with some of the games online, since I can't seem to watch them on TV.

Sometimes you'll see a team put up 70 points, and other times a team may be shut down completely.

There are always hard hits, crazy plays, and beautiful passes.

If you watch one of these games, you'll probably gain more respect for Division II and Division III football. The players may not be quite as talented as some Alabama Crimson Tide players, but they are going up against players that are equally as talented as they are.

This means that the skills balance out and that the games appear to be just like Division I. The same goes for Division III.

Then you have teams that move up a division and eventually become powerhouses, a prominent example being Boise State.

They went from a darn good Division II team to a Cinderella team at the next level up. The past few years Boise State has become a household name.

If you agree with what I just said, then we should join forces and start our own Division II football channel. I am completely kidding if you didn't already know that.

I can't see into the future, but I can guess, and my guess is that in the near future, you'll see a new Division I national powerhouse that came up from Division II, just like Boise State did. It may take close to a decade for this team to become powerful, but all they have to do is win games. This brings recruits, and a larger fan base, which means a better program overall.