NCAA: The Top 25 Most Annoying Colleges in America

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NCAA: The Top 25 Most Annoying Colleges in America
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The love for a college is developed one of two ways:

1. You look upon the collective four years you spent at your alma mater and consider it the greatest four years of your life. You wouldn't trade a single credit hour you earned there for anything in the world. From the second you received the acceptance letter until now, your love has only grown.

2. You love the college because your great-grandfather attended way back in the early 1900's. Your parents told you "son, you can go to any college in the world, but my money will only be paying your tuition at one." In short the colors of that school run through your veins, it is all you have ever known.

For some, they develop this love while quietly going about their business. They are proud of the school which they attend, but try not to be too boastful. They love their sports teams as most alumni do, but do not go out of their way to shove it down your throat. Everything is for the most part kept in house, and the casual sports fan never has to hear of anything going on with that university.

And then, there are those schools.

I have compiled a list of the 25 most annoying colleges in the nation today. Many different factors went into my decision such as fanbase, coaches, marketing, etc.

These schools can make the nation's eyes roll and their stomach's turn in sickness by just the mention of their name. They are the easiest to hate, and the most difficult to ignore. If you are a fan of a smaller market school, good luck getting any type of coverage over these media hogs. They just never seem to go away.

Let's begin.

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