Dorial Green-Beckham Down to 5 Schools: What's Each Finalist's Best Sales Pitch?

Johnathan CaceCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2012

Dorial Green-Beckham Down to 5 Schools: What's Each Finalist's Best Sales Pitch?

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    The nation’s consensus top wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham in the 2012 recruiting class has narrowed his choice of colleges down to, in alphabetical order, Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

    His father said they would like to narrow it down to two or three schools but that that information would be kept private.

    Each one of those schools has something unique to offer, and here’s what it is.

Alabama: National Championships

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    If you want to win a national championship, you play for Nick Saban. With the exception of the 2004 class, which he left to go coach the Miami Dolphins, every single one of his recruiting classes has experienced a national championship.

    One of the huge reasons Alabama was undefeated in 2009 was stud wide receiver Julio Jones. The Tide will lose a bunch of talent on defense, but they’ll also lose their two main receivers. DGB will play early and often and give the offense an additional threat.

Arkansas: Passing Attack in the SEC

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    With the landscape of college football changing so dramatically in recent years, it’s sometimes hard to remember that Arkansas’ offense is unique in that it is all about the pass. Knile Davis added another dimension to the attack at running back, but Tyler Wilson, Cobi Hamilton, Joe Adams and Jarius Wright made the team what they were this year.

    Unfortunately for the Hogs, all of those receivers except Hamilton will graduate at the end of this year. DGB would come in immediately to an established power in the best conference in football and make an immediate and dramatic impact.

Oklahoma: The Big 12’s Best Offense

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    It takes a lot to say that your team’s offense will be the best in a league like the Big 12, but with Landry Jones, Kenny Still, Dominique Whaley and four of five offensive linemen back, it’s not a leap to say that Oklahoma will get past Oklahoma State and Baylor to be the highest scoring.

    The Big 12 is known for having some of the best receivers in the country come through their programs, including Dez Bryant, Michael Crabtree and Justin Blackmon, and DGB would undoubtedly be the next great one with Kendall Wright graduating. Stand out there, and you’ll stand out to NFL scouts.

Texas: The Rebirth of a Program

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    One thing that has become blatantly obvious the past two years is that Mack Brown needs a strong passing game to win football games. It doesn’t really matter who is throwing DGB the ball because the guy is 6-foot-6 and runs a 40-yard dash in under 4.5 seconds.

    The rest of the pieces are all there with Johnathan Gray coming in at running back and a defensive line that should be one of the best in the country. He would become an immediate star in Austin and across the country if he got Texas another Big 12 or national championship.

Missouri: Everything Except a National Title

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    There may not be a more underrated program in the country outside of Missouri. The Tigers didn’t have the season they were hoping for with so much talent returning and could have a tough time adjusting to the SEC, but everything else fits perfectly.

    DGB is from Missouri, the team is moving to the best conference in the country and he would have the potential to be the state’s favorite athlete now that Albert Pujols has left St. Louis. People forget how the Tigers were one win away from playing for a national championship in 2007 and with quarterback James Franklin continuing to develop, playing for one in two years may not be out of the question if DGB comes on board.

    If the biggest deciding factor is a national championship, he should probably go to one of the other schools, Alabama in particular. If not, he could do no better than Missouri.