College Football Recruiting 2012: Picking Positions for the Top 8 Athletes

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IJanuary 11, 2012

College Football Recruiting 2012: Picking Positions for the Top 8 Athletes

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    "ATH" is a label that can be a gift and a curse.

    For some, it can mean they are an extremely versatile player that projects to several different positions in college. For others, it can mean that evaluators have no idea where they're going to play in college.

    For this read, I'm going to give you the position I feel is best for the best eight ATHs to play in college.

8. Josh Harvey-Clemons

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    Standing 6'4" and weighing 210 pounds, JHC doubles as a WR and as an OLB for his Lowndes High School squad. He has great quickness and speed to make plays on the flanks for his defense, but also flashes solid ball skills as a WR.

    For Harvey Clemons, it looks like OLB is where he's going to be best. The only knock I have on him is his cover skills. He just doesn't have enough experience at it right now and will need to work on his drop-and-swivel technique.

7. Brian Kimbrow

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    Kimbrow is a bit undersized for a rock-toter at 5'9", 165 pounds, yet he makes up for it in other ways. Yes, I feel RB is his best position in college.

    The Memphis native claims he has been clocked at 4.25 in the 40-yard dash. Quick, slippery, elusive and explosive, Kimbrow is a versatile offensive weapon. 

    Kimbrow is going to Vanderbilt.

6. Devin Fuller

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    An athletic specimen, Fuller stands 6'0", weighs 185 pounds and moves freely and easily at anything he does. He could play QB, WR, RB, CB or FS in college.

    I think his speed may be too good to keep from the offense, but he could be an excellent DB.

    Watch out for Rutgers, Nebraska, TCU and UCLA.

5. Cyrus Jones

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    A 5'11", 185-pound speedster that can play WR, RB, DB and returner, Jones' game is based on speed and quickness. He's a playmaker with the ball in his hands, but also could be a top-flight CB.

    Jones committed to Alabama last week.

    Now the question becomes as to where Jones will play in Tuscaloosa? He flashes the run instincts to be a great scat back as a runner, the quickness, speed and RAC ability to play WR and the transition quickness and hips to be a great cornerback.

    WR is his best spot in my opinion.

4. Ronald Darby

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    5'11", 175 pounds, Darby is one of the fastest players in the nation, and anytime you have a nickname of "Nitro," then you know you have some skates on you. He's also a solid RB and WR as well, and there is some debate if those are better positions for him. 

    I say stick him at CB first, but don't be shocked to see him at WR.

3. Eddie Williams

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    Williams is a 6'4", 205-pound athlete (he has not yet been assigned a position because he is skilled enough to do just about anything) whom I believe will play safety in Tuscaloosa. He's one of the best overall players in the country, and plays various positions for his high school team.

    However, look for the 5-star recruit to come in and spend a year learning the nuances of the defense before he actually plays.

    Then, slowly watch him rise up the depth chart in year or two and become an All-SEC and perhaps All-American defensive back.

2. Nelson Agholor

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    Standing 6'2" and weighing 180-pounds, Agholor can play WR, RB, DS, CB, LB and return kicks and punts. He shows excellent play speed, quick feet, natural instincts, great ball skills and just makes plays wherever he's at on the field.

    For Agholor, WR is a possibility, but FS is where he should be deployed if you ask me. His ball skills, range and instincts are too good to not stick him in center field and tell him "read routes, bait the QB, then break on balls for picks."

1. Stefon Diggs

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    I've been tooting the Diggs horn for some time now, as the 6'0", 190-pounder is as versatile a player as there is in the country. Diggs may not time as a blazer in the 40, but something about giving him the ball and telling him to find the end zone makes him run as fast as anyone in the nation.

    He can play WR, RB, slot WR, CB, FS, KR and PR for a team. Coaches debate now as to whether FS or CB is his best position over WR. 

    I say WR.