Alabama Football Recruiting: Jordan Jenkins Won't Make or Break Bama's Class

T.J. Mcaloon@@tjmcaloonContributorJanuary 9, 2012

Alabama seems to always have a top recruiting class when hand out their rankings.

Alabama could gain another top recruit tonight, when one of the top defensive ends, Jordan Jenkins, makes his decision just 90 minutes before the BCS National Championship Game.

However, if Jenkins chooses another team, it will not affect Alabama in the slightest way. 

According to, Jenkins will make his announcement on The Next Class on Fox Sports South at 7 p.m. ET. 

There is speculation that the move up for Jenkins means that the No. 1 prospect in Georgia will choose Alabama. However, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Jenkins father thinks differently.

The father of the AJC Super 11 selection said that there is no connection between the scheduling of events. “Yes, everybody thinks that; we’ve heard those rumors, too,” Ronald Jenkins said with a laugh. “Actually, we were supposed to do it on Tuesday. Then the network wanted to change it to Monday, not us.

“But, no, we didn’t try to plan it as the same day that Alabama was playing. We never gave that a thought. Besides, if anything, I would think less Alabama people would be watching what Jordan does when there’s a national championship game to watch that night.”

The elder Jenkins said there is no guarantee that his son will pick Alabama, which has been listed as the leader since last summer until recently. “To tell you the truth, after this week, I don’t even know where he is going to school. Jordan really likes things about all of the schools. This weekend, we’re going to sit down and go over each school again and iron out any differences. We’ll get everybody’s viewpoints in black and white out on the table. My wife and I will give our input, and it will be Jordan’s final decision to make.”

If Jenkins decides to go elsewhere, it will not ruin what is already the top recruiting class in 2012. Alabama already has three five-star recruits, and another 11 four-star players lined up. 

Jenkins would be another great player in what is going to be one of the best recruiting classes in 2012. However, losing him won't kill an Alabama team that already has a deep defensive line. There are 14 underclassmen who could return for 2012. 

Alabama’s recruiting class doesn’t have a four- or five-star recruit on the defensive line. With so many young players coming back next year, though, they do not need Jenkins. 

Alabama fans, you have a number of things to look forward to tonight. Getting Jenkins would be great. If he chooses another school, however, it should not ruin your night.