LSU vs. Alabama Rematch: 3 Things Jordan Jefferson Needs To Do for LSU to Win

Johnathan CaceCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2012

LSU vs. Alabama Rematch: 3 Things Jordan Jefferson Needs To Do for LSU to Win

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    The LSU-Alabama rematch is rapidly approaching, but there will be one key difference between this game and the one on November 5th—Jordan Jefferson.

    The LSU quarterback came in late in the game to replace a struggling Jarrett Lee and he had a fantastic game.

    In order for the Tigers to come out victorious again, here are three things Jefferson has to do.

1. No Turnovers

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    The biggest problem Lee had in the first game was in the turnover department. He threw two interceptions, and in a game dominated by defense that simply can’t happen.

    Jefferson was incredibly efficient considering Lee’s performance and how good Alabama’s defense is, going 6-of-10 passing for 67 yards. LSU is a running team, but it needs to have some legitimate passing threat to keep the defenses honest.

2. Run the Option Effectively

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    It is no secret that LSU likes to run the football, and Jefferson is far and away the better quarterback to do that. In limited action in the first game, he was the second leading rusher for the team with 43 yards on 11 carries.

    The most effective play was the option, which means that the decision making of the quarterback is the most important thing on the field. If the option doesn’t work, the Tigers will be forced to throw the ball more into one of the most talented secondaries in the country.

3. Convert on Third Downs

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    Both Alabama and LSU work by holding onto the football for as long as possible, thus keeping the ball out of the opposing offenses hands. One of the best ways to accomplish that is by converting on third down.

    The Tigers were only able to convert on 3-of-11 third downs in the first game, relying heavily on field position to come out of the game with a victory. They have been doing that all season long but if Jefferson can keep the chains moving, Alabama may not even have a chance in this rematch.