Rose Bowl 2012: 3 Reasons Russell Wilson and LaMichael James Will Bust in NFL

Johnathan CaceCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2012

Rose Bowl 2012: 3 Reasons Russell Wilson and LaMichael James Will Bust in NFL

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    Two of the best players in college football will face off in the Rose Bowl this year as Russell Wilson’s Badgers take on LaMichael James’ Ducks in the Rose Bowl.

    Unfortunately for fans of these players, they probably won’t be able to continue their success in the NFL.

    Here are three reasons why.


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    Size isn’t as big of an issue for James as it is for Wilson.

    LaMichael is certainly one of the smaller running backs in the country, standing at just 5’9”, 185 pounds, but Russell is simply not tall enough to play in the NFL.

    He's only 5’11” and 200 pounds while the average NFL quarterback is between 6’3” and 6’4” and around 220 pounds.

    He's a winner, and with a big game, could beat out Robert Griffin III to set the NCAA passing efficiency record, but he simply doesn’t possess the physical tools to be a success in the NFL.


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    This one is more for James than it is for Wilson.

    Oregon head coach Chip Kelly is one of the best offensive minds in college football and has shown that any running back that comes through can go for 200 yards in any given night.

    He's a great running back, don’t get me wrong, but adjusting to the NFL is at the very least going to take some time.

    It will either be that, or he will have to find a team willing to work with his skill set like New Orleans has done with Darren Sproles.

Trouble Against Tough Defenses

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    LaMichael James is averaging over seven yards per carry but has failed to gain over four per carry against any SEC team he has faced.

    Russell Wilson’s extraordinary passing efficiency of over 190 dips down to under 170 against the top defenses he’s played.

    In order for players of their size to succeed in the NFL, they have to continue playing well against the best defenses.

    In their college careers, neither has shown the ability to continue being as successful in the league.