Fantasy Football 2014 Rankings: Final Top 100 Big Board and Position Breakdown

Eric Mack@@EricMackFantasyFantasy Football Lead WriterAugust 28, 2014

Fantasy Football 2014 Rankings: Final Top 100 Big Board and Position Breakdown

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    Colin E. Braley/Associated Press

    It is all over but the drafting. The NFL preseason has given us resolution from the Josh Gordon suspension—he's done—to unfortunate injuries like Sam Bradford (knee), risers like rookie Kelvin Benjamin and decliners like Christine Michael of the Seattle Seahawks, who went from potentially starting for holdout Marshawn Lynch to being merely third on the depth chart.

    This slideshow outlines all of the rankings from Bleacher Report's Top 100 fantasy football players overall to comprehensive ranking breakdowns by position. Our compilations were generated from in-depth analysis, comparison and projection—with a fudge factor for what the fantasy masses are doing in average draft position this August.

    Heck, we even changed our mind on LeSean McCoy versus Jamaal Charles at No. 1 overall, deciding to side with the public there. McCoy just has too much juice in that run-heavy, up-tempo Chip Kelly attack.

    We knew what we thought going in wasn't necessarily going to be. Welcome to the always-evolving world of fantasy football. This is your definitive guide to mastering your draft this Labor Day weekend. Enjoy the roller coaster ride.

Top 100: We Side with the Masses as LeSean McCoy First Overall

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    Matt Rourke/Associated Press

    We came into the preseason holding on to the idea that Jamaal Charles, off his 2013 breakthrough and entering his age-27 season, was going to be the first overall pick in fantasy football drafts. We come out of the exhibition games siding with the fantasy public: LeSean McCoy should be No. 1.

    Charles isn't even No. 2 in ADP, according to That is Adrian Peterson.

    We won't demerit Charles that far to No. 3 because of his revamped offensive line and shaky injury history. Sure, he had a foot scare this preseason—foot injuries have been a death knell to fantasy backs of years past (see Shaun Alexander and Maurice Jones-Drew)—but Charles is fine now. He is just not perfect enough to be first overall.

    We will buy into the love of the Philadelphia Eagles' No. 1 rushing offense, reigning rushing champion McCoy at age 26 and Chip Kelly's pants-on-fire play-calling that generates plays, touches, touchdowns and fantasy points by the bundle. McCoy has the most going for him and the fewest question marks.

    Here is Bleacher Report's final Top 100 overall for fantasy football 2014: 

    2014 Overall Draft Rankings - Eric Mack
    RankOverall RankingsTeamECRvs. ECR
    1 LeSean McCoyPhi10
    2Jamaal CharlesKC20
    3Adrian PetersonMin30
    4Matt ForteChi40
    5Jimmy GrahamNO7+2
    6Eddie LacyGB5-1
    7Calvin JohnsonDet6-1
    8DeMarco MurrayDal12+4
    9Peyton ManningDen21+12
    10Marshawn LynchSea11+1
    11Doug MartinTB18+7
    12Montee BallDen10-2
    13Demaryius ThomasDen8-5
    14Dez BryantDal9-5
    15A.J. GreenCin13-2
    16Alfred MorrisWas19+3
    17 Zac StacyStL22+5
    18Aaron RodgersGB27+9
    19Drew BreesNO28+9
    20Brandon MarshallChi15-5
    21Julio JonesAtl14-7
    22 Alshon JefferyChi24+2
    23 Le'Veon BellPit25+2
    24Andre EllingtonAri26+2
    25 Giovani BernardCin16-9
    26Julius ThomasDen34+8
    27Antonio BrownPit23-4
    28Jordy NelsonGB17-11
    29Randall CobbGB290
    30C.J. SpillerBuf40+10
    31Pierre GarconWas39+8
    32Victor CruzNYG37+5
    33Arian FosterHou20-13
    34Reggie BushDet43+9
    35Rob GronkowskiNE32-3
    36DeSean JacksonWas55+19
    37Larry FitzgeraldAri42+5
    38Keenan AllenSD30-8
    39Chris JohnsonNYJ56+17
    40Andrew LuckInd53+13
    41Michael CrabtreeSF49+8
    42Frank GoreSF44+2
    43Ryan MathewsSD35-8
    44Roddy WhiteAtl38-6
    45Vernon DavisSF66+21
    46Vincent JacksonTB31-15
    47Torrey SmithBal50+3
    48T.Y. HiltonInd61+13
    49 Rashad JenningsNYG41-8
    50Matthew StaffordDet47-3
    51Julian Edelman NE72+21
    52Jeremy MaclinPhi76+24
    53Ben TateCle51-2
    54Toby Gerhart Jac33-21
    55Trent RichardsonInd69+14
    56Nick FolesPhi62+6
    57Tom BradyNE63+6
    58Robert GriffinWas74+16
    59Michael FloydAri45-14
    60Shane Vereen NE52-8
    61Eric DeckerNYJ68+7
    62Marques ColstonNO64+2
    63Lamar MillerMia71+8
    64Cam NewtonCar73+9
    65Percy HarvinSea54-11
    66Andre JohnsonHou36-30
    67Matt RyanAtl60-7
    68 Knowshon MorenoMia110+42
    69Bishop Sankey Ten65-4
    70 Cordarrelle PattersonMin46-24
    71Kendall WrightTen67-4
    72Wes WelkerDen70-2
    73Jordan CameronCle59-14
    74Russell WilsonSea90+16
    75Tony RomoDal78+3
    76Ray RiceBal58-18
    77Jason WittenDal82+5
    78Stevan RidleyNE77-1
    79Steven JacksonAtl75-4
    80Maurice Jones-DrewOak86+6
    81Greg OlsenCar87+6
    82Cecil ShortsJac103+21
    83Jordan ReedWas92+9
    84Mike WallaceMia57-27
    85Riley CooperPhi108+23
    86Terrance WilliamsDal84-2
    87Sammy WatkinsBuf98+11
    88Colin KaepernickSF880
    89Kelvin BenjaminCar97+8
    90 Joique BellDet48-42
    91Mark IngramNO106+15
    92Bernard PierceBal96+4
    93Emmanuel SandersDen81-12
    94Golden TateDet85-9
    95Andy DaltonCin118+23
    96Dwayne BoweKC100+4
    97Hakeem NicksInd121+24
    98Jay CutlerChi79-19
    99Dennis PittaBal94-5
    100Philip RiversSD101+1
    Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) from over 100 experts provided by FantasyPros

Quarterbacks: Resist the Urge to Draft This Position Before Everyone Else

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    We say this often every preseason: Quarterback might not be the first player you pick in fantasy football, but it will be the most important. This is the highest-scoring position on your roster. You have to get it right.

    Remember, Peyton Manning set records with 5,477 passing yards and 55 touchdowns at age 37. He wasn't the first quarterback selected in most leagues. Aaron Rodgers was. Drew Brees might even have been second. If you had Manning a year ago, your fantasy team was doing well, no matter who you drafted before him.

    You can wait on quarterbacks, especially if you are choosing between No. 4 Andrew Luck and No. 13 Colin Kaepernick from our rankings below. There just isn't much difference in the fantasy points potential of those passers after the elite trio of Manning, Rodgers and Brees.

    Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson is just the 14th-ranked quarterback in's ADP, 93rd overall. That is an eighth-round pick in a standard 12-team league. You can get a steady, productive fantasy starting quarterback after you have three running backs, three wide receivers and perhaps even your tight end.

    Here are B/R's final quarterback rankings, one through 40:

    2014 Quarterback Draft Rankings - Eric Mack
    RankQuarterbacksTeamECRvs. ECR
    1Peyton ManningDen10
    2Aaron RodgersGB20
    3Drew BreesNO30
    4Andrew LuckInd5+1
    5Matthew StaffordDet4-1
    6Nick FolesPhi7+1
    7Tom BradyNE8+1
    8Robert GriffinWas10+2
    9Cam NewtonCar90
    10Matt RyanAtl6-4
    11Russell WilsonSea14+3
    12Tony RomoDal11-1
    13Colin Kaepernick SF130
    14Andy DaltonCin17+3
    15Jay CutlerChi12-3
    16Philip RiversSD15-1
    17Ben RoethlisbergerPit16-1
    18Eli ManningNYG21+3
    19Joe Flacco Bal25+6
    20Ryan Tannehill Mia18-2
    21Alex SmithKC20-1
    22Carson PalmerAri19-3
    23EJ ManuelBuf27+4
    24Brian Hoyer Cle34+10
    25Josh McCown TB22-3
    26Jake LockerTen24-2
    27Shaun HillStL31+4
    28Geno SmithNYJ26-2
    29Chad Henne Jac35+6
    30Matt CasselMin33+3
    31Ryan FitzpatrickHou30-1
    32Matt SchaubOak36+4
    33Kirk CousinsWas40+7
    34Blake Bortles Jac29-5
    35Teddy Bridgewater Min32-3
    36Johnny ManzielCle23-13
    37Tom SavageHou44+7
    38Michael VickNYJ37-1
    39Mark SanchezPhi42+3
    40Derek CarrOak38-2
    Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) from over 100 experts provided by FantasyPros

Running Backs: Pivotal Fantasy Position Has as Many Questions as Answers

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    USA TODAY Sports

    There is a very good reason as many as five wide receivers, one tight end and even three quarterbacks might be picked in the first round of your fantasy football draft this year: Running backs just are so sketchy.

    You can nitpick at just about every one of them on the board. We have had to as we debated the top three, who have each gotten love as the No. 1 overall player.

    Jamaal Charles recently lost hold as B/R and's consensus champion. LeSean McCoy is the people's champion (ADP), while Adrian Peterson is being selected first on average at popular fantasy draft destinations and

    We cannot recall a year in which there was as much debate on who should be first off the board. It sure makes for an interesting start to your drafts.

    We project there will be—should be—nine running backs selected in the first 12 of a standard league. There might be as few as six. It used to be there were as many as 12 of 12 first-rounders were running backs.

    Here are B/R's complete running back rankings, one through 95:

    2014 Running Back Draft Rankings - Eric Mack
    RankRunning BacksTeamECRvs. ECR
    1 LeSean McCoyPhi10
    2Jamaal CharlesKC20
    3Adrian PetersonMin30
    4Matt ForteChi40
    5Eddie LacyGB50
    6DeMarco MurrayDal8+2
    7Marshawn LynchSea70
    8Doug MartinTB10+2
    9Montee BallDen6-3
    10Alfred MorrisWas12+2
    11 Zac StacyStL13+2
    12 Le'Veon BellPit14+2
    13Andre EllingtonAri15+2
    14 Giovani BernardCin9-5
    15C.J. SpillerBuf18+3
    16Arian FosterHou11-5
    17Reggie BushDet20+3
    18Chris JohnsonNYJ25+7
    19Frank GoreSF21+2
    20Ryan MathewsSD17-3
    21 Rashad JenningsNYG19-2
    22Ben TateCle23+1
    23Toby Gerhart Jac16-7
    24Trent RichardsonInd28+4
    25Shane Vereen NE24-1
    26Lamar MillerMia29+3
    27 Knowshon MorenoMia39+12
    28Bishop Sankey Ten27-1
    29Ray RiceBal26-3
    30Stevan RidleyNE31+1
    31Steven JacksonAtl30-1
    32Maurice Jones-DrewOak34+2
    33 Joique BellDet22-11
    34Mark IngramNO37+3
    35Bernard PierceBal350
    36Darren SprolesPhi45+9
    37DeAngelo WilliamsCar40+3
    38 LeGarrette Blount Pit50+12
    39Jeremy HillCin36-3
    40Pierre ThomasNO32-8
    41 Shonn GreeneTen48+7
    42Darren McFaddenOak44+2
    43Carlos HydeSF42-1
    44Christine MichaelSea56+12
    45 Khiry RobinsonNO49+4
    46Jonathan StewartCar51+5
    47Andre WilliamsNYG43-4
    48 Tre MasonStL61+13
    49Fred JacksonBuf33-16
    50Terrance WestCle41-9
    51 Devonta FreemanAtl46-5
    52Danny Woodhead SD38-14
    53Chris IvoryNYJ47-6
    54 Knile DavisKC60+6
    55Ahmad BradshawInd550
    56Robert Turbin Sea67+11
    57Ronnie Hillman Den54-3
    58Bryce BrownBuf75+17
    59Roy Helu Was62+3
    60 BenJarvus Green-EllisCin64+4
    61 Jacquizz RodgersAtl52-9
    62 Ka'Deem CareyChi81+19
    63Donald BrownSD57-6
    64 Bilal PowellNYJ96+32
    65Jonathan GrimesHou66+1
    66Daniel ThomasMia93+27
    67Benny CunninghamStL63-4
    68Justin Forsett Bal104+36
    69James WhiteNE59-10
    70Brandon Bolden NE98+28
    71Lorenzo Taliaferro Bal97+26
    72James StarksGB58-14
    73 Stepfan TaylorAri68-5
    74Storm JohnsonJac70-4
    75 Latavius MurrayOak77+2
    76Dexter McCluster Ten65-11
    77Alfred BlueHou78+1
    78Bobby Rainey TB73-5
    79 Jerick McKinnon Min90+11
    80 Lache Seastrunk Was94+14
    81Isaiah Crowell Cle79-2
    82Chris PolkPhi74-8
    83Dion LewisCle106+23
    84Lance DunbarDal53-31
    85 Denard RobinsonJac91+6
    86Joseph RandleDal99+13
    87C.J. AndersonDen72-15
    88Mikel Leshoure Det107+19
    89Marcel ReeceOak85-4
    90 Dri ArcherPit86-4
    91 De'Anthony ThomasKC89-2
    92Mike JamesTB88-4
    93Peyton Hillis NYG101+8
    94Charles SimsTB83-11
    95Marcus Lattimore SF84-11
    Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) from over 100 experts provided by FantasyPros

Wide Receivers: Love for the Divas Is Growing and Growing Here

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    Despite the Seattle Seahawks' Legion of Boom shutting down the most prolific passing offense in NFL history this past Super Bowl, the NFL is still decidedly a passing league. This is no passing fancy either.

    It is the era of the big-time fantasy wide receiver. We will blame former receiving divas like Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson...err Chad Ochocinco...for this.

    We are as apt to see more teams playing five wide outside of obvious passing downs as we are to see five wide receivers getting picked in the first round of fantasy football drafts. That rare status used to be left solely up to Calvin Johnson. Now, we have Demaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant, A.J. Green and Brandon Marshall joining Megatron as Round 1 receiver candidates.

    This even leaves out the fact Josh Gordon is suspended for the year and went from No. 1 at the position in 2013 to undraftable.

    B/R presents your Gordon-less top 120 fantasy wide receivers:

    2014 Wide Receiver Draft Rankings - Eric Mack
    RankWide ReceiversTeamECRvs. ECR
    1Calvin JohnsonDet10
    2 Demaryius ThomasDen20
    3 Dez BryantDal30
    4A.J. GreenCin40
    5Brandon MarshallChi6+1
    6Julio JonesAtl5-1
    7 Alshon JefferyChi9+2
    8Antonio BrownPit80
    9Jordy NelsonGB7-2
    10Randall CobbGB100
    11Pierre GarconWas16+5
    12Victor CruzNYG14+2
    13DeSean JacksonWas23+10
    14Larry FitzgeraldAri17+3
    15Keenan AllenSD11-4
    16Michael CrabtreeSF19+3
    17Roddy WhiteAtl15-2
    18Vincent JacksonTB12-6
    19Torrey SmithBal21+2
    20T.Y. HiltonInd25+5
    21Julian Edelman NE30+9
    22Jeremy MaclinPhi31+9
    23Michael FloydAri18-5
    24Eric DeckerNYJ28+4
    25Marques ColstonNO26+1
    26Percy HarvinSea22-4
    27Andre JohnsonHou13-14
    28 Cordarrelle PattersonMin20-8
    29Kendall WrightTen27-2
    30Wes WelkerDen29-1
    31Cecil ShortsJac42+11
    32Mike WallaceMia24-8
    33Riley CooperPhi45+12
    34Terrance WilliamsDal33-1
    35Sammy WatkinsBuf39+4
    36Kelvin BenjaminCar38+2
    37Emmanuel SandersDen32-5
    38Golden TateDet34-4
    39Dwayne BoweKC40+1
    40Hakeem NicksInd48+8
    41 Brandin CooksNO37-4
    42 DeAndre HopkinsHou44+2
    43Tavon AustinStL56+13
    44Reggie WayneInd35-9
    45Danny Amendola NE57+12
    46 Rueben RandleNYG36-10
    47Anquan BoldinSF46-1
    48Steve SmithBal62+14
    49Steve JohnsonSF75+26
    50Miles AustinCle77+27
    51Jordan MatthewsPhi53+2
    52James JonesOak55+3
    53Mike EvansTB43-10
    54Doug BaldwinSea60+6
    55Greg JenningsMin47-8
    56Aaron Dobson NE59+3
    57Kenny StillsNO52-5
    58Brian HartlineMia50-8
    59Mohamed Sanu Cin81+22
    60Justin HunterTen41-19
    61Mike WilliamsBuf74+13
    62Harry DouglasAtl64+2
    63Jarrett Boykin GB54-9
    64Odell BeckhamNYG70+6
    65Kenny BrittStL51-14
    66Andrew HawkinsCle63-3
    67 Kenbrell Thompkins NE68+1
    68Brandon LaFell NE87+19
    69Markus Wheaton Pit49-20
    70Andre CaldwellDen97+27
    71Ryan Broyles Det100+29
    72Donte Moncrief Ind86+14
    73Cody Latimer Den72-1
    74Andre HolmesOak76+2
    75Nick Toon NO114+39
    76Robert WoodsBuf65-11
    77 Denarius MooreOak92+15
    78Marvin JonesCin58-20
    79 Da'Rick RogersInd93+14
    80Rod Streater Oak67-13
    81Andre RobertsWas96+15
    82Nate BurlesonCle113+31
    83 Marqise LeeJac61-22
    84Nate WashingtonTen91+7
    85Marlon BrownBal88+3
    86Jerricho CotcheryCar71-15
    87 Davante AdamsGB82-5
    88Dexter McCluster Ten89+1
    89Paul RichardsonSea94+5
    90Jeremy Kerley NYJ95+5
    91 Malcom FloydSD69-22
    92Lance MoorePit80-12
    93Chris GivensStL79-14
    94Brian QuickStL66-28
    95Eddie RoyalSD99+4
    96Jermaine Kearse Sea84-12
    97Santonio HolmesChi128+31
    98Josh HuffPhi120+22
    99Allen RobinsonJac83-16
    100 Jalen SaundersNYJ163+63
    101 Martavis BryantPit1010
    102Marquise GoodwinBuf121+19
    103Marquess WilsonChi110+7
    104 Stedman BaileyStL1040
    105Jacoby JonesBal122+17
    106Greg LittleOak147+41
    107A.J. JenkinsKC115+8
    108Kris DurhamDet156+48
    109Ted GinnAri103-6
    110 Jerrel Jernigan NYG107-3
    111Donnie AveryKC90-21
    112Brandon GibsonMia102-10
    113John BrownAri73-40
    114Vincent BrownSD125+11
    115Jerome SimpsonMin134+19
    116Joe MorganNO124+8
    117Quinton PattonSF116-1
    118Jason Avant Car1180
    119Austin Pettis StL123+4
    120Stephen HillNYJ98-22
    Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) from over 100 experts provided by FantasyPros

Tight Ends: Jimmy Graham Will Be the Earliest Ever Selected at This Position

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    AJ Mast/Associated Press

    How much is the NFL pass-friendly? Well, tight end Jimmy Graham is likely to set a record for the earliest a tight end has gone off the board in your league. That's what Drew Brees, an aggressive Sean Payton offense and an age-27 season will do for you.

    Graham has the potential to shatter the marks Rob Gronkowski posted in his second season: 90 receptions for 1,327 yards and 17 touchdowns. Heck, the Holy Grail of 100-1,500-20 might even be possible. No wide receiver has ever hit those plateaus in the same season.

    Graham is going eighth overall in's ADP. He is as high as seventh in's ADP. We have Graham fifth in our Top 100 (slide one).

    If you miss out on Graham in the middle of Round 1, you might consider Julius Thomas or Gronk as a consolation prize. We advise you to wait a long time on the position instead. Thomas came out of the woodwork last year and Gronk is easily the riskiest player in all of fantasy football.

    There isn't much to choose from between the remaining options at tight end.

    Still, we rank the top 50 at the position here for you at B/R:

    2014 Tight End Draft Rankings - Eric Mack
    RankTight EndsTeamECRvs. ECR
    1Jimmy GrahamNO10
    2Julius ThomasDen3+1
    3Rob GronkowskiNE2-1
    4Vernon DavisSF5+1
    5Jordan CameronCle4-1
    6Jason WittenDal60
    7Greg OlsenCar70
    8Jordan ReedWas9+1
    9Dennis PittaBal10+1
    10 Martellus BennettChi12+2
    11Antonio GatesSD16+5
    12 Ladarius GreenSD14+2
    13Kyle RudolphMin8-5
    14Zach Ertz Phi11-3
    15 Coby Fleener Ind25+10
    16Charles ClayMia13-3
    17Jared CookStL23+6
    18Dwayne AllenInd17-1
    19Tyler Eifert Cin20+1
    20Eric Ebron Det21+1
    21Heath MillerPit15-6
    22Travis Kelce KC18-4
    23Owen DanielsBal33+10
    24 Delanie WalkerTen19-5
    25Brent Celek Phi38+13
    26 Jace Amaro NYJ260
    27Jermaine GreshamCin45+18
    28Tim WrightNE22-6
    29Scott ChandlerBuf37+8
    30Joseph Fauria Det53+23
    31Garrett GrahamHou24-7
    32Richard RodgersGB28-4
    33Andrew Quarless GB31-2
    34Brandon MyersTB27-7
    35Austin Seferian-JenkinsTB32-3
    36 Marcedes LewisJac29-7
    37Larry DonnellNYG55+18
    38Brandon Pettigrew Det35-3
    39Rob Housler Ari46+7
    40Levine Toilolo Atl400
    41Tony Moaeki Buf65+24
    42Ryan GriffinHou39-3
    43Zach MillerSea44+1
    44Mychal RiveraOak34-10
    45Luke Willson Sea54+9
    46Gavin Escobar Dal36-10
    47Lance KendricksStL59+12
    48Ed DicksonCar58+10
    49Demetrius HarrisKC48-1
    50John CarlsonAri47-3
    Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) from over 100 experts provided by FantasyPros

Defense/Special Teams: It Wins Championships in the NFL, Not Fantasy

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    Fantasy football loves touchdowns, explosive plays and high-scoring games. It doesn't like defense, even if it wins championships (see the Seattle Seahawks).

    Drafting your defense/special teams should be an afterthought—so much so, you might even consider picking a unit after your kicker. That is about the lowest thing you can say for anything in fantasy.

    Some owners like streaming their D/STs, so burning a pick you are inevitably going to drop to the waiver wire is just a waste before the final round.

    Sure, there are consistent difference-making defensive units on the board, but there are a lot of really potent offenses in the NFL you don't want to mess starting a defense against. You have to hold your breath starting a defense against Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos, Aaron Rodgers' Green Bay Packers and Drew Brees' New Orleans Saints. We would even be inclined to say Andrew Luck's Indianapolis Colts will be as threatening.

    That doesn't include the fast-paced offenses of Chip Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles and Tom Brady's New England Patriots either.

    B/R ranks all of the NFL's afterthought fantasy defenses here: 

    2014 Defenses and Special Teams Draft Rankings - Eric Mack
    RankDefenses and Special TeamsTeamECRvs. ECR
    1Seattle SeahawksSea10
    2San Francisco 49ersSF20
    3Carolina PanthersCar30
    4Denver BroncosDen6+2
    5Cincinnati BengalsCin50
    6New England PatriotsNE7+1
    7Tampa Bay BuccaneersTB12+5
    8Arizona CardinalsAri80
    9St. Louis RamsStL4-5
    10Kansas City ChiefsKC9-1
    11New Orleans SaintsNO14+3
    12Baltimore RavensBal11-1
    13Pittsburgh SteelersPit16+3
    14New York JetsNYJ20+6
    15New York GiantsNYG21+6
    16Houston TexansHou13-3
    17Green Bay PackersGB170
    18Cleveland BrownsCle10-8
    19Buffalo BillsBuf15-4
    20Miami DolphinsMia19-1
    21Indianapolis ColtsInd27+6
    22Detroit LionsDet220
    23Chicago BearsChi18-5
    24Tennessee TitansTen240
    25Minnesota VikingsMin250
    26Philadelphia EaglesPhi23-3
    27San Diego ChargersSD28+1
    28Jacksonville JaguarsJac26-2
    29Washington RedskinsWas290
    30Atlanta FalconsAtl300
    31Oakland RaidersOak310
    32Dallas CowboysDal320
    Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) from over 100 experts provided by FantasyPros

Kickers: Justin Tucker Proved This Position Can Be a Game-Changer

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    Gail Burton/Associated Press

    You don't think a kicker can make a difference in fantasy football? See: Justin Tucker's Week 15 six field-goal performance last December.

    That huge Monday night effort put countless teams over the top at the buzzer of their fantasy playoffs.

    Kickers don't matter much on draft day. You pick them last. But you want to be picking the right one so you don't have to worry about changing him week to week.

    We finish up B/R's complete rankings guide with the kicker position you are likely to finish your own fantasy draft this weekend with:

    2014 Kicker Draft Rankings - Eric Mack
    RankKickersTeamECRvs. ECR
    1Stephen GostkowskiNE10
    2Steven Hauschka Sea3+1
    3Justin TuckerBal2-1
    4Phil DawsonSF40
    5Mason CrosbyGB6+1
    6Adam VinatieriInd10+4
    7Matt BryantAtl70
    8Dan BaileyDal5-3
    9Shayne GrahamNO13+4
    10Blair WalshMin8-2
    11Greg Zuerlein StL15+4
    12Nate Freese Det16+4
    13Brandon McManus Den  
    14Alex Henery Phi140
    15Ryan Succop KC20+5
    16Robbie GouldChi12-4
    17Nick Novak SD9-8
    18Mike NugentCin26+8
    19Caleb Sturgis Mia24+5
    20Nick FolkNYJ19-1
    21Sebastian JanikowskiOak17-4
    22Connor BarthTB25+3
    23Shaun Suisham Pit22-1
    24Kai Forbath Was18-6
    25Graham Gano Car21-4
    Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) from over 100 experts provided by FantasyPros

    Eric Mack, one of the giants among fantasy writers, is the Fantasy Football Lead Writer for Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter, where you can ask him endless questions about your team, rip him for his content and even challenge him to a head-to-head fantasy game.