1. Spiller, Jahri, Murphy, , Armstead, Ingram haven't left his side.


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  4. Screw Carmen Sandiego...Where's C.J. Spiller?!

  5. C.J. Spiller Disappoints Yet Again

  6. Ingram and Spiller showing some ground game life.

  7. Spiller with a TD reception. No. 7 for Brees today.

  8. TOUCHDOWN!!! @DrewBrees ties an @NFL record with his 7th TD strike of the game (9 yds to Spiller) #Saints https://t.co/XtPumryk4S

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  10. Late Touchdown By C.J. Spiller Helps Seal Win

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  12. Postgame player interviews: Brees, Forbath, Watson & Spiller: https://t.co/VqZFG3CHcG #Saints https://t.co/J7e7nZOBru

  13. CJ Spiller will talk at 12:45, Payton at 1 p.m.

  14. Eh, I don't know. They seem to give Spiller 20 snaps a game max. Maybe more snaps for Ingram. Hard to say. https://t.co/iuc0uw82tn

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  16. C.J. Spiller Gets More Involved

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  18. Sean Payton leaves open possibility that Saints could go with Ingram, Spiller and Murphy at RB

  19. Brees under pressure, throws incomplete to Spiller to bring up second down

  20. Not sure what Spiller was doing.

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  23. Spiller Says More Touches Will Come with Time

  24. Bad decision by Spiller. Looked like he could beat the defender to the first down. Decided to try to cut back.

  25. Wrote last week how Ingram's workload would increase more than anything w: Khiry's injury. Ingram - 67 snaps (88%), Spiller - 6 snaps (8%)

  26. CJ Spiller played six snaps against the Titans

  27. 'Cool Runnings' SuperFan Spiller Builds NFL Bobsled Team

  28. Payton: Spiller Is Healthy, Needs More Touches

  29. Spiller Ready for an Increased Role vs. Panthers

  30. Can someone give me a timeframe of the Spiller "shaking his head" sighting? Want to check it out for myself.

  31. Mark Ingram's snaps increase, C.J. Spiller's decrease in Saints' loss to Titans https://t.co/syXRsJRBrD via @nolanews

  32. Saints Need to Get Their Run Game Off the Ground

  33. Spiller Still Holds Great PPR Value Going Forward

  34. Spiller's snaps: 1Q -- 9 yard catch negated by OPI + INC pass. 2Q -- 3 yd run + 2 yd run. 3Q -- 5 yd run. 4Q -- no touches.

  35. Payton said Ingram is the protecting back and was needed more that way than Spiller with the type of defense they saw yesterday

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  37. Spiller Sees Only Seven Snaps in Saints Debut

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  40. Spiller (Knee) to Debut Today vs. Bucs

  41. Spiller Feels Good, No Decision on Sunday Yet

  42. Spiller and Murphy are back to receive the kickoff.

  43. CJ Spiller got a carry

  44. It Won't Take Long for Spiller to Get Up to Speed

  45. Saints Rule RB Spiller (Knee) Out for Opener

  46. Spiller makes the fair catch.

  47. Well, touchback for Spiller. But you get it.

  48. Inactives: Vaccaro, Spiller, Williams Out vs. Texans

  49. Camp High on Ingram, Advises When to Draft Spiller

  50. Spiller was in as a slot receiver. Trying to get him on the field.

  51. Looks like Spiller is the new KO returner as Murphy has deferred to Spiller on every KO.

  52. Spiller hasn't looked comfortable as a traditional RB all year.

  53. Ingram's on the sideline right now, but Saints have gone with Spiller and Hightower exclusively on this drive.

  54. Spiller is stuffed. Turn over on downs.

  55. #Saints RB CJ Spiller stuffed for no gain on 4th-and-1 at Washington 31. Not sure if Ingram was getting drive off or something else.

  56. Current NFLers and former Tigers Stephone Anthony, CJ Spiller, Andre Branch and Coty Sensabaugh introduced to Death Valley crowd.

  57. Former Clemson and current #Saints running back C.J. Spiller paid a visit Friday to 10-month-old Addison Bolt, a... https://t.co/vWRXBSVnFS

  58. Why are the Saints running up the middle with C.J. Spiller on 4th-and-1?

  59. #Saints get stuffed on third-and-1 with Tim Hightower and fourth-and-1 with C.J. Spiller. Turnover on downs at #Redskins 30.

  60. Correction: C.J. Spiller and Marcus Murphy both back on kickoffs for #Saints today. Spiller has fielded both of them so far.

  61. C.J. Spiller back on kickoff return. Think that's the first time we've seen that this year.

  62. How the New Orleans Saints misevaluated Brandon Browner, C.J. Spiller: Scout's Take podcast https://t.co/P8jndvD2ZJ https://t.co/AriyP0q1sG

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