1. Sproles and Sanchez looking at each other after that ugly pass nearly hung the RB up to dry. Sanchez was hit on the throw. #Eagles

  2. DeMarco Murray, Darren Sproles Looking To Be Thankful For Their Thanksgiving Performances

  3. Darren Sproles Plays Same Role Despite Mathews' Absence

  4. Sanchez, Sproles 'Clear Up' Sideline Spat

  5. Check down to Sproles get the Eagles back in FG range. 50-ayrd attempt upcoming

  6. Some RB ownership in @FanDuel Gravy Bomb: D. Murray 54%, Stewart 53%, Lacy 32%, McFadden 25%, Forte 6%, Sproles 5%

  7. Darren Sproles is fielding Sam Martin's punts during warmups. That's sorta cool. Sorta weird too.

  8. Sanchez Disappoints, Sproles Plays Well in Defeat

  9. Watch: Sproles Takes Sceen Pass 35 Yds for TD

  10. Sproles Lays Out Bucs CB Jenkins on Punt

  11. Pretty sure the Eagles' desire to run tempo is keeping Darren Sproles off the field, explained here: https://t.co/J9dVheIYjm

  12. Murray, Sproles and Barner your #Eagles running backs Thursday #Lions assuming they stay healthy.

  13. Not looking good again this week for Ryan Mathews. Running game will likely be Murray, Sproles, Barner. Murray had 2nd best avg. of season

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  15. Sproles Frustrated with Lack of Playing Time

  16. Bills Plan To Shut Down Rob Gronkowski, Darren Sproles Wants More Touches And A Ryan Fitzpatrick Update

  17. Chip Kelly: on sproles/Sanchez argument... It was an isolated incident between two highly competitive individuals

  18. Sanchez didn't win friends or influence teammates with diss of #Eagles teammate Sproles https://t.co/ylWCIoeZ06 via @delcotimes

  19. Mark Sanchez, Darren Sproles squabble as the #Eagles offense goes awry. They just can't get along. @brookob: https://t.co/bjiEM4R74r

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  21. Darren Sproles Sees Extra Work With Mathews Injury

  22. "Angry exchange sums up frustration of #Eagles. Sanchez says he worked things out with Sproles" https://t.co/ylWCInXnBw

  23. Sanchez says he worked things out with Sproles (who wasn't available for comment) - https://t.co/ycUaXxAFlw #Eagles

  24. Mark Sanchez, Darren Sproles squabble as #Eagles offense goes awry. They just can't get along. @brookob: https://t.co/bjiEM4R74r

  25. Mathews Still Valuable, Murray Creeping into RB1 Status

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  27. Eagles downplay Sanchez, Sproles spat https://t.co/pWmBdJ8uA7

  28. Darren Sproles up, Mark Sanchez down in Eagles' loss https://t.co/Cy0JaAW4CF

  29. Darren Sproles Nearly Absent In Win

  30. DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews, Darren Sproles... Who Is The Best Back In Philly?

  31. Darren Sproles isn't in the locker room. Looks like he made a quick exit. #Eagles

  32. Said argument between Sanchez and Sproles born of frustration. #Eagles

  33. Eagles' Darren Sproles, Zach Ertz Struggle To Deliver With Much Given Them

  34. Darren Sproles Involved More In Passing Game

  35. Sproles and Sanchez seriously arguring after that pick-6.

  36. Sproles and Sanchez just got into it after that INT. Both were yelling at each other. #Eagles

  37. Murray, Mathews, Sproles Post-Week 7 Fantasy Advice

  38. Eagles injury update: RB Darren Sproles is being evaluated for a head injury.

  39. Sanchez and Sproles yelling at each other swinging their arms at each other after Sanchez pick-6 intended for Sprolesy. #Eagles

  40. Pick 6 on Sanchez...then Sanchez and Sproles are yelling at each other. #TBvsPHI

  41. Eagles offensive snap counts vs. Saints: Murray 43, Sproles 25, Mathews 20. pic.twitter.com/xwlpqq1Xdz

  42. Has a Fantasy 'Lead Dog' Emerged in Philly's Backfield?

  43. Darren Sproles  Check out the moves on this 35-yard TD. #LegionOfZoom https://t.co/xRotoMaDo9

  44. Sanchez's TD throw to Sproles was just Eagles' 3rd-down TD pass this season.

  45. Sproles: Facing Saints 'Just Another Week'

  46. Eagles’ Struggling RBs Are ‘Frustrated Incorporated’

  47. That TD was Sproles' longest offensive play since Week 2 of last year - catches of 51 and 57 from Foles vs. Colts.

  48. Darren Sproles hadn't caught a touchdown pass since 2013. That changed about four minutes ago. Eagles hanging around.

  49. Sproles Named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week

  50. Sproles Records 8th Career Return Touchdown

  51. Big answer by the Eagles, who use a 35-yard screen pass to Darren Sproles for a touchdown and cut Bucs lead to 21-14.

  52. Love the tribute by Darren Sproles to former teammate @LT_21 after his TD. Today is #Honor21 for the @Chargers.

  53. Was Spark Sproles Provided a Season-Changer?

  54. Watch: Sproles Takes Punt 89-Yds to the House

  55. TD, Sanchez to Sproles on 35-yard screen pass. That was how the screens were supposed to work. Big-time play.

  56. Massive hold on the Eagles on that 35-yard TD pass on a screen to Darren Sproles ... but no flag. Refs missed a big one. Bucs 21, Eagles 14.

  57. Sproles Ready for Increased Workload If DeMarco Sits

  58. How the Cowboys Plan to Handle Sproles

  59. Misdirection screen to Darren Sproles for TD. First time #Eagles have thrown one to him since Week 2 vs. the Cowboys. Bucs 21, Eagles 14.

  60. Eagles bounce right back with a 35-yard TD pass to Sproles to cut #Bucs lead to 21-14.

  61. Fantasy Advice for Sproles After Week 1

  62. Video: Bradford's Pinpoint Pass Finds Sproles for TD

  63. Darren Sproles and the Eagles answer right back with a 35-yard catch-and-run for a TD. Eagles now within 7. #TBvsPHI

  64. Darren Sproles just took about 1,635 steps on his way to a 40-yard TD catch and run. #TBvsPHI

  65. Beautiful set up and blocking on that sproles td

  66. #Bucs 21, #Eagles 14 Darren Sproles 35-yard screen pass TD 6 plays, 61 yards in 2:02 6:04 left in the 2nd #TBvsPHI

  67. Sanchez, Sproles, ZOOOM. Sproles takes the screen pass into the end zone as the #Eagles climb back into the game.

  68. It's almost like Darren Sproles can make plays.

  69. Sanchez screen pass TD to Darren Sproles.

  70. Eagles answer with 35-yard touchdown on screen to Darren Sproles. Cuts Bucs' lead to 21-13, with PAT coming ...