1. The Eagles rotate Josh Huff with Nelson Agholor, and Miles Austin with Riley Cooper. Ensures one terrible WR is always on the field.

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  3. Riley Cooper Misses Another Practice

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  5. Resurgent Cooper Comes Up Big for Eagles

  6. Re: Riley Cooper's haircut -- he decided on Sunday to cut it. Won't grow the long hair back again. Hearing a lot of jokes from teammates.

  7. Early Birds: Why Vinny Curry's no longer at OLB; Importance of tackling dummies; Riley Cooper's haircut: https://t.co/Wk0hJFo3XO

  8. That was Riley Cooper's first catch in over a month.

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  10. Watch: Bradford Hits Cooper Deep for 62-Yard TD

  11. Riley Cooper All but Invisible in Preseason

  12. "Riley Cooper’s snap count tripled Sproles' on Sunday, while Miles Austin’s more than doubled it." Wake-Up Call: https://t.co/l5uOOKjwZW

  13. As @ZBerm pointed out during today's presser, Riley Cooper is the only Eagle last 3 years to miss Wed-Thu practices and play that Sunday.

  14. Eagles' Riley Cooper won't blame injuries for lack of production https://t.co/cDyUvtmvYk via @njdotcom

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  16. Eagles injury update: X-ray is negative for WR Riley Cooper, who will remain OUT as a precaution. #BALvsPHI

  17. Riley Cooper and Miles Austin can't be gone soon enough, ICYMI: https://t.co/v9TbYfMrlN https://t.co/Mln5FIKmWQ

  18. Shurmur says Riley Cooper is getting open #Eagles

  19. Riley Cooper and Miles Austin can't be gone soon enough https://t.co/v9TbYfMrlN https://t.co/Mln5FIKmWQ

  20. Eagles Snap Counts: Miles Austin and Riley Cooper are playing a lot and hurting the team https://t.co/sykLqGgKtd https://t.co/8RGyj88yKH

  21. Riley Cooper hasn't even been targeted with a pass in 3 games. I mean, just put an extra offensive lineman in there instead.

  22. #Eagles offense snaps vs. Dolphins: Riley Cooper 52 of 96 snaps; Miles Austin 45. Their combined catches: 0. https://t.co/eQPh1KVUhp

  23. Riley Cooper and Miles Austin combined for 97 snaps. Zero catches.

  24. Riley Cooper still doesn't have a catch without his ponytail #Eagles

  25. Riley Cooper hasn't caught a pass since October 19th.

  26. Riley Cooper on illegal shift penalty that brought back Zach Ertz TD: "I didn't get set." #Eagles

  27. #Eagles say that Josh Huff is starting at WR with Riley Cooper even though Nelson Agholor is back.

  28. DNP - Malcolm Jenkins and Jerome Couplin. LIMITED - Josh Andrews (head), Riley Cooper (toe), Jason Peters (back), DeMeco Ryans (hamstring)

  29. Couplin and Jenkins did not practice. Josh Andrews (head), WR Riley Cooper (toe), Jason Peters (back), LB DeMeco Ryans (hamstring) limited.

  30. #Eagles OC Pat Shurmur said he expects Nelson Agholor (ankle) and Riley Cooper (foot) to practice today. Wouldn't commit to anything beyond.

  31. Pat Shurmur said both Nelson Agholor and Riley Cooper will practice today.

  32. Three players started Sunday night in Dallas who also started Andy Reid's final game as head coach: Riley Cooper, Brent Celek, Dennis Kelly.

  33. Just nine snaps Sunday night for Riley Cooper, who struggled with a foot injury

  34. #Eagles Riley Cooper had just 9 snaps after suffering foot injury. That led to 64 of 73 offensive snaps for Miles Austin. 1 catch, 27 yards.

  35. Riley Cooper has yet to catch a pass without his ponytail. #Facts

  36. Riley Cooper is limping on the side between plays. He's trying to play, but you can tell he's not quite right.

  37. #Eagles injury updates: WR Riley Cooper (left foot) has returned to the game. DB Jerome Couplin (right shoulder) is questionable to return.

  38. Riley Cooper looked to walk into the locker room earlier, but he is back on the field.

  39. Riley Cooper has returned. Darren Sproles playing a lot of slot. #Eagles

  40. Riley Cooper had x-rays on his left foot. He's questionable but has his helmet on. Jerome Couplin has a shoulder injury. #Eagles

  41. Eagles offensive issues compounded with Riley Cooper headed to locker room https://t.co/jMaaBCiufi

  42. Riley Cooper left foot injury, Jerome Couplin right shoulder, both questionable

  43. Riley Cooper heading to locker room

  44. Riley Cooper going out only increases our chances of Miles Austin targets. Oh Baby!

  45. Looks like Riley Cooper had his left ankle checked out. He's heading indoors now. #Eagles

  46. Riley Cooper is now heading into locker room. Eagles already down Nelson Agholor.

  47. Riley Cooper walked off after that play. The training staff is looking at his leg/ankle.

  48. Riley Cooper just limped off the field. Trainers looking at his leg, it appears. #Eagles