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Eric Mack, who was schooled at Syracuse University ('98), is one of the most widely read and respected fantasy sports analysts in the world. A veteran of sports journalism since the early 1990s, he has been a lead fantasy writer for, Sports Illustrated magazine, and now Bleacher Report, where he will serve as the Fantasy Football Lead Writer for the 2013 season. When you don't find him there, on his social media platforms (Twitter @EricMackFantasy and Facebook), on the radio/TV, or his podcast (Fantasy FatCast), check the local adult softball diamonds, a sports pub or a youth football field. He is currently working on his first book project on coaching youth football for third- and fourth-graders in the Boston area, in addition to cranking out fantasy content for the burgeoning B/R sports media beast. All this doesn't leave much time for hobbies. You can hit him up for fantasy advice here, but don't bother arguing with what he tells you. "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

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  • Xavier Berrios posted 1 day ago

    Xavier Berrios

    I would like to let you know that the Raiders have another RB in Latavius Murray to compete for carries and if your East coast bias wasn't so flagrant you would actually research and found about this young player. Maybe if he was a Patriot or a Jet you would know. Be profesional on your reports and don't let your fandom get the best out of you.

  • Doc Mo posted 90 days ago

    Doc Mo

    You are a garbage writer....way to predict that round 1 draft picks will start. Thanks for wasting my time idiot.

  • AJ Singh posted 174 days ago

    AJ  Singh


  • Mathias Skoda posted 183 days ago

    Mathias Skoda


  • Diego Marcos posted 213 days ago

    Diego Marcos

    Hey Eric,

    I need some urgent advice for playoff week 16. Wide receivers I need to start 2, I have Antonio Brown, Demaryius Thomas and Josh Gordon. And RB I need to choose from Lacy and Morris. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks.

  • S B posted 213 days ago

    S B

    Eric, Thanks for all of the great fantasy advice. Can you advise who I should start in my fantasy superbowl (week 16) -

    Romo, Kap, or Cousins?

    Romo has been putting up great fantasy points this season (for this most part), despite all of the nonsense he has been through. One of the games he did not perform however, was against Washington in Week 6 at home! It was one of his worst of the season. Second, Romo is coming off a game where NOT running the ball cost him the game. Third, the redskins have one of the worst run defenses in the league. Considering all of that, Dallas is likely to leverage Murray to run the ball more than not. Fourth, Romo is not a good performer historically in January or February.

    Cousins...unproven QB, however coming off a hot game, and is playing THE WORST pass defense in the league. He is also playing for his career in this game, so he is going to throw the ball early and often. Yes, he may throw a few interceptions and fumble the ball once or twice, but he will also successfully get the ball to Garcon, Moss, Davis etc.

    Kap, playing ATL (bad pass defense), on MNF (where he usually performs well), but he's been a dud this season and I feel that they will fun the ball more in this game.

    Please let me know your thoughts on who I should go with.


  • Jeff Kerrigan posted 213 days ago

    Jeff Kerrigan

    Hey Eric. I am in 12-man league. I need a flex player this week. My options are; Rice, VJax, Ridley, or Ivory. Also, Romo hasn't look that good on the road, why the number 1 QB ranking?

    Thank you.

  • Clay Schwartzwalter posted 230 days ago

    Clay Schwartzwalter

    Hey there Eric,

    Quick question for ya regarding D/ST for Week 14...

    The whole season I've enjoyed solid production from the 49ers defense, but I'm a little wary with them going against the Seachickens this week on top of me playing in round 1 of our league's playoffs.

    Would picking up the Cards or Chargers D/ST for this week (keeping the Niners on the bench) sound like a reasonable move to you? For reference this is an ESPN standard league with ten teams.


  • Erik Melendez posted 252 days ago

    Erik Melendez

    Hello Eric,

    I'm in a 16 man league, facing a must win this week with our playoffs approaching. I'm in a bind as to what RB to start this week. Our league is PPR, and I'm torn between either Chris Johnson or Darren Sporles. And input would be appreciated.

  • nick myers posted 265 days ago

    nick myers

    What's up Eric here's my roster for week 9...
    Locker (peyton on bench)
    Torrey Smith
    Denarius Moore
    Pierre Garcon
    Marshawn Lynch
    Zac Stacy (gotta keep an eye on him)
    Coby Fleener
    Kendall Wright
    Darren Sproles
    Julieus Thomas
    Anquan Boldin
    Peyton Manning
    Alshon jeffery
    Daryl Richardson
    Mason Crosby

    I am in a 12 man league and just dropped from first place last just looking for some feedback on what changes you would make to hop back in that number one spot! or some trades you think people would go for