1. Cousins had plenty of time on throw to Garcon, didnt seem like he saw DeSean Jackson deep in 1on1

  2. Pierre Garcon Targeted Six Times In Win Over Giants

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  4. Pierre Garcon Only 43 Yards Receiving In Loss To Panthers

  5. Pierre Garcon Targeted Twice In Big Win

  6. A downfield pass to Pierre Garcon, imagine that.

  7. Garcon watching drills.

  8. Here's the press release from Garcon's agent: https://t.co/GD2EKl8BKt

  9. Pierre Garçon Quiet In Washington Loss

  10. Watch: Cousins Intercepted After Garcon's Gaffe

  11. Matt Jones Crashes UF-UGA Tailgate

  12. Here's a statement from Garcon on the lawsuit: https://t.co/g1yafjzuoB

  13. Last season, Garcon was one of many players that had social media marketing deals with FanDuel. But FanDuel canceled deal later in 2014.

  14. This Garcon lawsuit has nothing to do w the cancellation of 2014 social marketing deal.

  15. Garcon Files Class Action Against FanDuel

  16. Pierre Garcon Targeted Six Times In Win

  17. Observations vs. NYJ: Garcon Wasted, Pass Rush Quiet

  18. MT @AP_NFL: Redskins' Garcon files lawsuit against FanDuel over use of his name, likeness: https://t.co/qwy1EJ45u1 https://t.co/EYdZl7sNi7

  19. Anyone have any questions they want me to ask @PierreGarcon ? https://t.co/nNCVbVEyIE

  20. Can't blame Cousins for that one though. Through Garcon's hands and off his facemask.

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  24. Redskins taketh and then they giveth right back. Good throw by Cousins, but caroms off Garcon. INT Ryan.

  25. I guess some of you will rant about Cousins and his INTs. But that hit Garcon in the hands, not on him.

  26. Cousins throwing to Garcon on the sideline right now.

  27. Garcon's Toughness Leads Redskins to Comeback Win

  28. Video: Cousins Hits Garcon for Game-Winning TD

  29. Garcon just came back in the game. #Redskins

  30. #Redskins can't get out of their own way. Garcon drop. INT. Carrier drop. Reed drop. These weren't difficult catches.

  31. This time Garcon hangs on for the first down.

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  33. Garcon Hauls in 4-Yard TD to Give Skins 17-0 Lead

  34. Garcon wanted the flag. Ryan definitely had has hands all over him.

  35. That's a rare downfield target to Garcon.

  36. Buy or Sell: Don't Trust Newton, Gordon or Garcon

  37. Garcon, Roberts' Fantasy Outlook After Jackson's Injury

  38. Reed just became 1st Skins player to catch a TD pass in 3 straight games since Garcon in 2012 and 1st TE since Fred Davis in 2009.

  39. Matt Jones spots money on field during game; Garcon pockets. Jones clutched that $5 afterward... https://t.co/Xemf4JEynO

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  46. Garcon's right hand appears to be injured. Waved for a sub, pulling on it and shaking it on the sideline.

  47. Garcon is back.

  48. Flag on the play. Offensive pass interference on Garcon, although it was garcon who was begging for a flag before it was thrown.

  49. Garcon fighting HARD for those YAC.

  50. Pierre Garcon fighting for YAC.. Jordan Reed fighting for YAC.. #Redskins could really use some pts before halftime.. #RedskinsTalk..

  51. Pierre Garcon pushed Josh Norman down there, then Kurt Coleman stepped in front of pass for 4th INT of season. 28-yard return.

  52. Pierre Garcon beats Bene Benwikere on the outside, picks up a FD for Redskins.

  53. Thanks For Swinging By And Hanging With Us Last Night #HTTR REPOST By @juwaanespinal97 Selfie of alll time @pierregarcon @spinfirepizza @kirk.cousins and MVP Doug Williams thank you

  54. HH's Hump Day Pick'em - Week 11:Win a Pierre Garcon signed mini-helmet! #Redskins #FanEnergy https://t.co/CtQRARtFVM https://t.co/s9oitp5rs9

  55. let's try this again.... Matt Jones sees money on field during game; he and Pierre Garcon split the 'fortune' https://t.co/Xemf4JEynO

  56. This is a new one: Matt Jones sees money on field. he and Pierre Garcon split the cash. Thttp://es.pn/1X12Q2p

  57. Snyder fist bumping RGIII. Garcon and Jackson having a dance party. Doc Walker and Doug Williams chatting. James Andrews chilling. Overload

  58. It's 3d+long, WAS looks to hit a pass that worked b4 to Pierre Garcon. The players in red at LOS are playing man. https://t.co/PFonUYNbla

  59. Penalty before play is run. Logan Ryan and Pierre Garcon come together however and need a ref to step in

  60. Patriots defense with trouble getting personnel it wanted on the field on that 36-yard completion to Pierre Garcon. TO might have helped.

  61. Another drop, second time by Pierre Garcon. Washington weapons undermining locked in Kirk Cousins.