All-Time NBA 12-Man Lineup Mock Draft

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All-Time NBA 12-Man Lineup Mock Draft
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If you were going to build a 12-man lineup out of all the NBA players to have ever played, how would you go about doing it?

That's the question that I set out to answer along with 11 other avid NBA fans. To do so, we set up a mock draft, snake style (whoever picks last in the first round, picks first in the second round). 

The purpose was to build that 12-man lineup, considering things like skill, size, how the playing styles of your team members fit together and even how athleticism would translate between eras. We also assumed that our teams would be playing under modern rules, meaning there's a three-point line and a strict ban on hand checks among other things. 

There were no strict guidelines for the time period that these guys would play for either. That was kind of left up for interpretation because it was impossible to come up with a definitive answer. Everyone assumed that these teams would be playing more than just one game, but some accounted for longevity while others did not. Really, it's up to you just how you interpret it. 

So, what, you may ask, does this slideshow contain?

First, you'll see two slides about each and every one of the teams, set up in the draft order. The first of each pair will contain the starting lineups, as well as career per-game averages for each player and the drafter's description of the players. The second will be a slide dedicated to how the team will play, written of course by the owner of that specific team. 

After that, all 12 of us chose a best and worst pick of the draft (who couldn't be from our own team). Finally, we had to determine a winner. 

Since we obviously can't put all the players in a time machine and have them play each other, we had to settle for rankings to determine a winner. All 12 of us ranked the teams and ballots were sent out to all Bleacher Report NBA Featured Columnists as well. 

Lastly, there's a slide dedicated entirely to showing you exactly how the draft itself unfolded. 

This was an epic project for the 12 of us, one that took about three weeks to complete from start to finish. It's up to you how much detail you care to look at. It would be easy to scan through the teams in two or three minutes, giving each one just a cursory glance. 

But there is enough information presented here that you could take two hours or so to carefully analyze each team and decide for yourself which ones are best and worst. 

Regardless of what you do, read on and enjoy!

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