LeBron James Comes out Ahead After All-NBA Teams Announced

Lance SmithCorrespondent IMay 13, 2011

The two most unanimous picks, Derrick Rose (Bulls) and LeBron James (Heat)
The two most unanimous picks, Derrick Rose (Bulls) and LeBron James (Heat)Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

 The All-NBA teams were announced today, where we found out every member of the voting panel agreed LeBron James is one of the two best forwards in the NBA. This happened even though—according to the voting—the forward position ended up as the most hotly contested position. There were 595 possible voting points, and 119 first team votes possible (in parentheses):

First Team

Guard: Derrick Rose 593 (118)

Guard: Kobe Bryant 551 (98)

Forward: LeBron James 595 (119)

Forward: Kevin Durant 492 (69)

Center: Dwight Howard 593 (118)

Second Team

Guard: Dwyane Wade 392 (24)

Guard: Russell Westbrook 184

Forward: Dirk Nowitzki 437 (47)

Forward: Pau Gasol 259 (2)

Center: Amar'e Stoudemire 258 (2)

Third Team

Guard: Chris Paul 157

Guard: Manu Ginobili 106

Forward: LaMarcus Aldridge 135

Forward: Zach Randolph 67

Center: Al Horford 62

Most notable snubs

Guards: Rajon Rondo 68; Tony Parker 27; Deron Williams 19; Steve Nash 17; Monta Ellis 13; Ray Allen 1 

Forwards: Paul Pierce 55; Carmelo Anthony 53; Kevin Love 48; Tim Duncan 43; Blake Griffin 36; Kevin Garnett 22; Chris Bosh 2; Luol Deng 1 

Centers: Andrew Bogut 13; Nene 11; Andrew Bynum 9; Tyson Chandler 7; Joakim Noah 5; Yao Ming 0

 There are several points of interest here.

Many have reacted to Kobe's first-team selection over Dwyane Wade and/or Chris Paul, who also ended up behind Russell Westbrook.

Those who only pay attention to stats would be surprised at Manu Ginobili's selection. Really, the only person who was even close to getting his spot was Rajon Rondo, who received more votes than two of the third-team members. Both of them were MVP candidates early on in the year, but Rondo slid late in the season as Derrick Rose climbed up the ranks. Still, expect many to be surprised Rondo was not taken.

 As I said, the most hotly contested position in voting was the forward position.

Ironically, Zach Randolph and LaMarcus Aldridge, who were also the season's biggest all-star snubs, made the third team. Randolph narrowly edged out Paul Pierce, who surprised many by being the forward with the most amount of votes to not make it.

Tim Duncan received what may be a surprisingly high amount of votes, too.

On the other hand, all-star Chris Bosh only received two votes.

Kevin Love, who many thought would be an easy pick for second or third team, finished behind both Pierce and Carmelo Anthony, who has only missed the cut once since the 2003-04 season. This isn't so shocking though because of his antics in Denver.

Luol Deng received only one vote, which is less than could've been expected.

 In the guards department, Rondo was the closest to making the team with Tony Parker far behind. After him came Deron Williams, Steve Nash and Ray Allen, who all received very low amounts of votes.

Monta Ellis did get 13 votes, which should please his cult of supporters who believe he is vastly underrated, not to mention the rest of my fellow Warriors' fans.

The least competitive position was center. Howard won by a long shot, Amar'e won second by a long shot and Al Horford won third by a country mile. Andrew Bogut and Andrew Bynum received almost no votes, like most of the other centers, although Nene and Tyson Chandler, among others, scrambled together a little bit of support. 

A few interesting trends came up. 

The only rookie to get any votes was Blake Griffin, who did have a good amount of believers in the voting. None of that should surprise anybody.

Not a single bench player received a vote, including Lamar Odom.

Perhaps the most surprising is that every single All-NBA member was on a winning team. Could this be why Kevin Love didn't get picked? It's possible. He had a lot of competition, but when you consider the amount of people who considered him an MVP candidate, it's interesting that in the end, he had less votes than Pierce.

Anyway, I believe people mostly got what they deserved, at least compared to the all-defensive teams. Thank you for reading.   


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