NBA Living Legends: 15 Active Players Who Are Hall of Famers in-Waiting

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NBA Living Legends: 15 Active Players Who Are Hall of Famers in-Waiting
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The level of depth in the NBA right now is the best I've seen in over a decade. All-Star talent can be found all around the league.

We'll look back at a decade or two, and remark at how amazing it was that we got to see so many future young Hall of Famers in this year's All-Star game.

But this isn't about them.

This is about those players who have peaked and are on their way out of the league. This is about looking back at the remarkable careers of 15 (and one) players, and speculating on their place in NBA history.

So, let me preface all this by saying that:

1) I only looked at NBA players who had either reached 30 years of age, or who had played 10 seasons—either one.

2) All players must have played in the 2010-2011 season. So, early spoiler alert: You may see a recent retiree on the list.

3) My verdicts fall under three categories: Lock-in, Eventual HOFer, and On the Fence.

A "Lock-In" is someone who is a first-ballot HOFer. An "Eventual HOFer" is just that—he's going, if not in his first year of eligibility. Someone who is "On the Fence" may or may not make it depending on extraneous factors.

4) This list, by its nature, is likely to be very controversial. So I ordered the players from who I believed to be least deserving of a HOF spot, to most deserving (to be fair, everyone on this list deserves a spot; the rankings are relative). So, have fun complaining debating!

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