Viral Video Breakdown: Mark Sanchez, Kobe Bryant and More Hot Video Action

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 23, 2012

Viral Video Breakdown: Mark Sanchez, Kobe Bryant and More Hot Video Action

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    Mark Sanchez ran into his own player's rear end, Kobe Bryant tried to make a ridiculous bet at the most crucial time of the game and we have a hilarious collection of video moments.  

    It was a short week thanks to the holiday, but we still have a great deal of comedic relief in store for you. 

    While most were preparing for and then enjoying the bounty of Thanksgiving, some sports stars were acting a fool. 

    And now we have this grandiose breakdown. 

    If you have a suggestion for the breakdown or just want let your opinions known, sound off in the section below. 

    Let's get to a swagtastic week of videos. 

Michelle Jenneke Returns

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    The young woman who stole the world's heart a couple months back with her warm-up routine returns in this teaser for the website

    The world is about to fall in love all over again. 

    More Information: Australian Michelle Jenneke Returns with Tantalizing Cosby Sweaters Teaser

Mark Sanchez Butt Fumble

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    We knew things might go poorly for the Jets when they took on the Patriots Thanksgiving night. We didn't know it would be this bad. 

    The worst moment was QB Mark Sanchez running into his own lineman's tushy and then fumbling the ball, leading to a Pats touchdown. 

    More Information: Mark Sanchez's Butt Fumble Leads to Patriots Touchdown and National Joke

Little Hawks Fan Ogles

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    Someone better teach this kid what "on the down-low" means quickly. 

    Al Hordford's brother takes in the sights and sounds of Wednesday's Hawks and Wizards game. Well, far more sights than sounds. 

    More Information: Little Atlanta Hawks Fan Gets Eye-Full of Cheerleader

Gary Evans' Spit Take

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    This may just be my favorite trick shot of all time, golf ball or not. 

    Gary Evans juggles a golf ball before sucking it into his mouth and then spitting it out at the perfect time to drive it down the fairway. 

    More Information: Gary Evans Spits a Trick Shot to End All Golfing Trick Shots

Rasheed Wallace Trolls Austin Rivers

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    We already miss Rasheed Wallace, and he isn't even gone yet. That's how much he means to the NBA—in a comedic sense, of course. 

    Here he is dropping a "ball don't lie" line on rookie Austin Rivers right after the Hornets guard bricks his free throw. 

    More Information: Rasheed Wallace Trolls Rookie Austin Rivers with Hilarious 'Ball Don't Lie' 

Kobe Bryant and Gerald Wallace Nearly Bet

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    Kobe Bryant and Gerald Wallace found something to talk about this week during the Nets and Lakers game. 

    It seems Wallace tried to get the Mamba to close his eyes during a crucial free throw. Judging by Bryant's lips, he was willing if the bet was an exorbitant amount. 

    More Information: Kobe Bryant Drains Free Throw After Silly Gerald Wallace Wager

Brad Keselowski's Epic Celebration

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    Now this, athletes, is how you celebrate. 

    Newly-crowned Sprint Cup champ Brad Keselowski joins SportsCenter in the middle of a beer-fueled celebration, and it's wonderful. 

    More Information: Brad Keselowski Wins Sprint Cup, Gives Drunken 'SportsCenter' Interview

NHL Comes to Youth Game

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    Sure, the NHL lockout has us all down, but the Nashville Predators managed to deliver a great deal of goodwill. 

    The organization organized a "smashmob" to delight youth hockey players with the professional treatment. 

    More Information: Nashville Predators Bring NHL to Youth League with Sensational 'Smashmob'

Andy Reid Now Has a Parody Song

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    The Eagles are not having what we would call a "great" season, and that goes double for their head coach, Andy Reid. 

    As far as parody songs go, you can do a lot worse than the Taylor Swift remix. In fact, it's rather well done. 

    More Information: Andy Reid Is Not Answer for Eagles According to Taylor Swift Parody

Orphanage Brings Back 1987 Playoffs

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    More than being a brilliant reenactment of the crucial Game 5 between the Celtics and Pistons during the 1987 NBA playoffs, this video is for a great cause. 

    It brings attention to orphans of the Grace Care Orphanage in Kenya, who are hoping to raise enough money to secure a playing field—something they don't currently have. 

    More Information: Kenyan Orphans Bring Back 1987 NBA Playoffs for Wonderful Cause


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