Andy Reid Is Not Answer for Eagles According to Taylor Swift Parody

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 19, 2012

Another week, another loss for Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles. 

With that, we can assume a rash of parody videos are in production at the moment. The most recent (h/t BroBible) is this hilarious take on Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

For the Eagles' purposes, the lyrics have been revamped, as has the title, which now reads "We Are Never Ever Gonna Win With Andy."

We give extra-credit points to the producers of this ditty for finding an Andy Reid lookalike who stays true to the real-life proportions of the man, the myth, the walrus known as Andy Reid. 

It's also safe to say fans have had just about enough of the 2012 Eagles. The team just lost its sixth game in a row, getting bounced by the Washington Redskins, 31-6. 

In fact, if you are having a bad day or just generally feel down about yourself, feel free to play the team. It seems they are a better pick-me-up to opponents than 5-hour Energy. 

One quarter against this hapless bunch and you will be ear to ear, smiling like a lunatic at your good fortune. 

The parody hits on one theme, Reid is awful. 

Oooh you screwed it up again last night
But Oooh, this time I'm telling you, I'm telling you
We are never ever ever gonna win with Andy

All the while, this creepy, fat guy with a headset and clipboard continues to lurk about our singer friend here. 

I am not about to sit here and declare firing Reid would solve any or all of the Eagles' issues. I will say their season does lend itself to comedy. 

That's always a good thing. 

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