Australian Michelle Jenneke Returns with Tantalizing Cosby Sweaters Teaser

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 20, 2012

You might remember Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke from that one little video you and every last person you know saw. 

Well, she is back. 

A tip of the cool-guy fedora to Cosby Sweaters, who apparently spent some time with the Internet superstar and promise us more in the way of pictures and videos in the near future. 

Look for a full interview so you can get to know her better, a couple of fun videos and, of course, one of the best photo galleries you will ever lay eyes on.

Consider our interest piqued and our fancy tickled, because Jenneke happens to be that rare athlete we just can't get enough of. 

In fact, I have never rooted for an athlete to make the Olympics more than I have for this awesome Aussie. 

For those uninitiated, and there really shouldn't be many of you, this 19-year old sprinted to fame when With Leather posted a video of her warming up for a heat at the 2012 Barcelona World Junior Championships. 

From there, pretty much everyone with an Internet feed had seen the video. 

Now it seems she has granted the fortunate website an interview as well as so much more. As teasers go, this one is an instant success. 

You want to leave the audience craving more after the end of a trailer. Job well done, Cosby Sweaters. 

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