Ranking the 7 Top One-on-One Matchups Between NBA Stars We'd Love to See

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Ranking the 7 Top One-on-One Matchups Between NBA Stars We'd Love to See
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

It's one of the most debated topics in the NBA, yet it's also something you'll probably never see on national TV.

When you see two players who are at the top of their game and play the same position, you want to see them take it out in a playground style one-on-one game in order to decide who's better once and for all.

While being the better one-on-one player hardly means anything in a team setting like basketball, it still gives bragging rights to the winner, as both players need the perfect blend of offense and defense to come out victorious.

Seeing two players at the top of their game in a one-on-one competition would be excellent for All-Star weekend. Replace the shooting stars competition with a few one-on-one games and you have a national spectacle that's going to draw heavy ratings.

The NBA could even make it similar to the card for a title fight, featuring several lower-tier players going at it and then having a main event to cap it off.

Of course, this is something we won't see. It's difficult enough to get superstars involved in something like the dunk contest, so it would be doubtful to see the likes of LeBron James or Kobe Bryant put their egos on the line for such an event.

It's too risky of a career and legacy move, and it's basically a waste of energy and preparation for a game that's going to last five minutes.

Still, we can dream. These seven matchups between some of the league's best players are exactly what dreams are made of.

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