1. Rob Lowe's NFL Hat Roasted 😂

    Celeb was rocking a generic NFL hat at the NFC title game and Twitter clowned him for it

  2. Avry's Sports Show @Avry

    Brown coat guy: big football fan? Rob Lowe: Yup! BG: Who you got, Pack or Niners? Lowe: Yes. https://t.co/3jmMcyqNWZ

  3. Jenny Johnson @JennyJohnsonHi5

    The guy next to Rob Lowe looks like he’s pitching his new half hour sitcom about a group of wacky NFL referees who also solve mysteries. https://t.co/gNVFYjhjKo

  4. Will Brinson @WillBrinson

    Rob Lowe going with the old “NFL logo hat” look that is very popular and cool. https://t.co/ejteL1z788

  5. BLACK SKIP BAYLESS @BlackSBayless

    Rob Lowe just wants to see both teams play hard and have fun. https://t.co/a48kTyRKOl

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  7. SB Nation @SBNation

    Rob Lowe is ready to sub in just in case a ref gets hurt https://t.co/rOtdXD9Trh

  8. Jasmine @JasmineLWatkins

    Full list of people who own generic NFL caps: 1. Roger Goodell 2. Referees 3. Rob Lowe https://t.co/vqL2bsBY5I

  9. cameron grant @iCoolCam101

    Thanos: I am inevitable. Rob Lowe: And I am the NFL. #NFCChampionship https://t.co/welurHTldT

  10. Curtis Rogers @AKidFromKent

    Rob Lowe loves all 32 teams equally https://t.co/RF9asBb2tA

  11. Daman Rangoola @damanr

    Rob Lowe is that dude who always answers “anything” when you ask him what he wants to eat for dinner and then rejects your top 3 choices https://t.co/ymf83pPUYk

  12. Cameron Grant @HeyCoolCam101

    Who’s going to win the Super Bowl? Rob Lowe: The NFL. #NFCChampionship https://t.co/suAnZB83kI

  13. Liam Beatus @notliambeatus

    Today I learned Rob Lowe was a narc...who wears a plain NFL hat to a game? https://t.co/Ihzz7aYaam

  14. Andrew Joseph @AndyJ0seph

    Rob Lowe is literally the only person who owns an NFL hat https://t.co/NkZ0NtfAE9

  15. PFF @PFF

    Rob Lowe's favorite player is Roger Goodell https://t.co/WiYWNUqYPW

  16. Rob Lowe @RobLowe

    I didn’t expect my hat to be the most interesting part of this game! https://t.co/F54cTppe7C

  17. jordan @JordanUhl

    Loving Rob Lowe's new hat! https://t.co/NTJ0pn94n4