The Absolute Worst Contract from Every NBA Team

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The Absolute Worst Contract from Every NBA Team
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Whether out of desperation or just a deal gone wrong, every NBA team has a player signed on its roster that it would probably like to give back or have a chance to do the contract over again.

Not every team can be perfect when it comes to signing an All-Star or your average role player because you just can't judge how well they'll play once you sign them.

They could either have sudden injury concerns, have struggles integrating with the team or just plain got overpaid for having one good season, as in the case of a player like Jerome James, who had a quality postseason one year and was then given $30 million to do relatively nothing for the rest of his career.

It's a tough job signing the right players and giving them the right amount of money for their role on the team. Obviously the superstars will get the correct amount of money, but even they could get paid too much.

Take, for instance, Baron Davis, who was making $16 million for a season despite never leading any of his teams past the semifinals. Organizations will get desperate when looking for a player to lead the way, as happened in the case of Davis and the Warriors, or even today with Joe Johnson and the Atlanta Hawks.

Constructing this article depressed me in so many ways because it made me realize just how easy making millions of dollars can be in the sporting world. There are players that are playing less than 20 minutes per game and riding the bench for the majority of the season that are making nearly $10 million a season, and it's really surprising to see just how badly some organizations just throw their money around without a care.

Before I sadden myself even more, let's just get this started, shall we?

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