Top 5 Sports Stories of the Past Year

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Top 5 Sports Stories of the Past Year
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Brett Favre may be constantly in the news, but does not qualify as a story on merit

The NFL lockout is coming to an end.

Yeah, I know the players have not accepted the new collective bargaining agreement. In fact, I examined whether they even should ratify the CBA in a piece at PackerChatters after the owners agreed on their end.

So how do I know it is ending? The speculation and rumors have started back up as to whether Brett Favre will return for another season.

Some people (say, ESPN) cannot live without a Brett Favre story. People claim to hate Favre articles, but they read them.

Plain and simple, Favre is good for the business of football like Skip Bayless is good for the business of sports talk. You can hate him all you want, but you cannot wait to jump on the next foolish thing he does.

It does not matter that Favre may not even be wanted by an NFL team this year. If anyone ever aged so much over one season, I do not know whom it was.

He went from legendary iron man who made plays (as well as mistakes) to a player that was among the worst starters in the league and went down to two separate injuries during the season. He comes with the baggage of being fined for obstructing an investigation as to whether or not he committed a crime—much less engaged in improper and even harassing behaviour.

Yet we are still talking about him. Why?

The media decides its own stories and, like lemmings, many fans follow.

But imagine you were Rupert Murdock and had vast wealth to spend where you wanted it. Nice thought, isn't it?

Now imagine you keep your character and instead of engaging in slimy behaviour that makes the world a worse place to live, you devoted your empire to pushing media in the right direction. You get to decide based on merit what sports stories get covered.

Here would be my choices for each major international sport.

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