New York Knicks: How Long Can They Continue to Play for “Next Year”?

Max MickeyContributor IIIMarch 23, 2011

Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo AnthonyMike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The New York Knickerbockers have not had a winning season since 2000-01. That is nine consecutive losing seasons. The Knicks have been playing the past few years for “next year,” and are starting to sound like the Chicago Cubs with their classic saying, “there is always next year.”

First, the Knicks threw away several seasons clearing cap space and waiting for LeBron James, then they dumped half of their starters to acquire Carmelo Anthony, and now they appear to be waiting for Chris Paul.

Obviously, LeBron James decided to go another route, but the Knicks did take their first step towards a championship caliber team when they acquired Carmelo from the Denver Nuggets. The downside was that the Knicks had to give up a lot of young talent in order to land Carmelo; including Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari and Raymond Felton, essentially foregoing another season.

The Knicks have struggled since Carmelo’s arrival with just seven wins in 16 games. But I don't blame them for going after Carmelo Anthony.

He is not the type of player that comes along very often, he is special. Despite this, the players they gave up were pretty special as well. The key players the Knicks dealt to Denver were playing very well in New York. Chandler, Gallinari and Felton combined for 49.4 PPG, 12.4 APG, and 14.3 RPG.

Knicks fans were okay with giving up their young talent because they were landing a top-10 NBA superstar to play alongside their MVP candidate Amar'e Stoudemire, and would be set for the future . . . as soon as they get Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets next year.

Carmelo Anthony talked during the summer about forming a new powerhouse in New York with Stoudemire and Paul. Most thought he was joking, but it's looking more and more like a legitimate possibility.

Unfortunately Knicks fans will have to continue to be patient, and hope Chris Paul decides to leave New Orleans for the Big City.

How long will Knicks fans be able to remain patient? Will the Knicks finally be ready to win if Chris Paul comes to town, or will they be a lesser version of the disappointing Miami Heat?

Only time will tell, but Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire both need to pick up their game, and elevate the play of their teammates. If they unable to do so, they could slip below their unimpressive 35-35 record, and Knicks fans could be staring at yet another losing season waiting for next year.


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