NBA: 3 Head Coaches Who Should Be Replaced by Stan Van Gundy

Eric EdelmanCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2012

NBA: 3 Head Coaches Who Should Be Replaced by Stan Van Gundy

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    With the NBA regular season tipping off in little over a week, former Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy is still without a coaching job.

    Despite a tumultuous past season that included a feud with former Magic center Dwight Howard, Van Gundy is still one of the league's better head coaches.

    Van Gundy is great with Xs and Os, but his biggest criticism is his bad rep with former players. Even Shaquille O'Neal, a former player of Van Gundy's, nicknamed him "The Master of Panic."

    Despite his faults, SVG would still be a considerable upgrade over a few current head coaches.

    That being said, which coaches could find themselves replaced in favor of Van Gundy? 

Vinny Del Negro

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    As talented as the Clippers are, they need a better head coach if they are to be serious contenders.

    Any good coach should command respect in the locker room and make quick adjustments during games.

    Oftentimes, it appeared as if Del Negro accomplished neither.

    Chris Paul and Chauncey Billups seemed to be the true leaders while their coach appeared to be a passive participant in the huddles.

    Not that all coaches necessarily have to be vocal, but Stan Van Gundy would certainly be a better micro-manager on the sideline than Del Negro.

    Del Negro often waited way too long to put his starters back in the game, and would often squander first quarter leads as a result.

    Momentum is a huge part of controlling the tempo, and his poor use of timeouts and lack of adjustments hindered the Clippers greatly in that regard.

    The offense and defense were also way too predictable—a major problem for a team with an abundance of talent like Blake Griffin and Chris Paul.

    At times, the offense was literally give CP3 the ball and see what happens. There's absolutely no way L.A. can win a championship playing isolation basketball as often as they do.

    If Stan Van Gundy replaced Del Negro, he would be a much more competent option on the sideline in every facet. 

Mark Jackson

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    When news first broke about the Mark Jackson hire, there was definitely an inspired buzz for Golden State Warriors fans. Jackson guaranteed a playoff berth upon his arrival. 

    His words seemed rather hollow after another dismal season for the Dubs. Injuries played a huge role in their lack of success, but Jackson's inexperience didn't make matters better.

    Although much of last year was about rebuilding and creating chemistry, Warriors fans should be concerned when Jackson is tasked with making decisions in key moments this season.

    Jackson is definitely an excellent orator, but it remains to be seen if he is a legitimate option at head coach.

    Jackson definitely deserves the benefit of the doubt, but an experienced coach like Stan Van Gundy could immediately help turn things around—especially for a fanbase that is sick of mediocrity and empty promises.

Mike Woodson

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    Mike Woodson isn't a bad coach by any means, but he isn't a great one either. 

    Woodson's reputation for being a tough-minded defensive coach certainly had an immediate impact on the Knicks during his initial stint

    However, despite the defensive improvement, the Knicks' offense became more predictable.

    Rather than letting Jeremy Lin run the offense (as he did under D'Antoni), Lin became more of an accessory whereas Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony would be the main focal points.

    Although the change of pace sounded like a good idea, the offense was sometimes hard to watch.

    The ball constantly got stuck due to Stoudemire and Anthony looking to score rather than rotate it around the court.

    Van Gundy would definitely make the offense more balanced, something the Knicks desperately need. 

    Although defense is certainly important, the Knicks' dynamic duo of Stoudemire and Anthony should be firing on all cylinders—something Woodson has yet to figure out.

    Overall, Woodson isn't a bad option as head coach, but Van Gundy would be a welcomed breath of fresh air for a Knicks franchise with a closing window of opportunity.