LA Lakers' Dwight Howard Goes Gangnam Style on 'Ellen'

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 28, 2012

Is it time to start loving Dwight Howard again?

Superman and Ellen DeGeneres danced to "Gangnam Style," bringing yet another level of craziness to a story that's already wacky.

Howard used to be one of the most beloved athletes in sports, having fans laugh and cheer at the same time. Then came the debacle in Orlando, and he is LeBron James 2.0 in the minds of pretty much every NBA fan.

However, as King James proved, the hate doesn't last forever. 

On Ellen, Howard delivered the goods that would have had us on the floor rolling with glee just a few years ago. 

He comes out and dances to the Macarena of this decade, a song that becomes more grating with every playing.

Then he dives into a story about how he loves Ellen because his favorite movie is Finding Nemo, a movie in which DeGeneres voiced the character of Dory.


He ends with a Kobe Bryant impression that really should deliver some chuckles.

From the biased chair of a man who considers Kurt Rambis to be just as great a man as a young Eddie Jones, I ask you:

Is Howard back to being the class clown?

National grudges aside, it seems his image is healing right along with his back.

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