5 NBA Stars Who Had the Busiest Summers

Love PatelContributor IIISeptember 22, 2012

5 NBA Stars Who Had the Busiest Summers

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    Like any NBA offseason, this year's had its major storylines and kept certain players occupied.

    Injury rehabilitation, free agency, London 2012 and trade rumors involving a certain NBA superstar all took the spotlight this summer.

    A couple of the league's most recognizable faces found new homes and others worked on further proving themselves.

    Here's a look at which NBA stars had a busy offseason.

Dwight Howard

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    Who can forget "Dwightmare"?

    It was the biggest and most exhausting NBA story this summer. The updates on Orlando's dealings with Dwight Howard didn't end until we were finally put out of our misery in early August.

    He finally made the official move from coast-to-coast when he was dealt to the Lakers.

    Howard was already spending time in Los Angeles before the trade, rehabbing a back injury.

    As one of the league's most durable players, this is Howard's first major injury that caused him to miss significant time.

    His estimated time of arrival is uncertain at this point, but getting acclimated with his teammates on the court may have to wait since he has already been ruled out of starting training camp or the preseason opener, according to Mike Trudell of NBA.com.

    Between the fallout in Orlando and back injury rehab, Howard probably just wants to get back on the court. 

LeBron James

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    Along with having a busy offseason, LeBron James probably had the most enjoyable offseason.

    The NBA champion helped lead Team USA to gold this summer in London, making a huge statement about his leadership.

    As the offseason comes to a close, so do all the appearances and recognition that come with being a champion and gold medalist.

    It doesn't seem like James will rest on his laurels anytime soon. He's back to working out with Kevin Durant to prepare for the upcoming season.

    He's back to work for the second ring.

Jeremy Lin

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    Lin spent much of last offseason questioning where he would find a place in the NBA, let alone knowing if he'd find a place at all.

    After spending time in Golden State and then Houston, it turned out he did find a home, and as the Knicks dug deep in their bench, "Linsanity" emerged.

    The offseason brought many questions for Lin. The most important was where he would end up.

    After agreeing to an offer sheet with the Rockets, the belief was that Lin's return to New York was a foregone conclusion.

    As the process dragged on, the likelihood of the Knicks actually matching Houston's offer was waning. They ultimately decided to let him walk after making moves to bring other point guards in.

    With his free-agency status settled, Lin embarked on a tour that started in Taiwan before returning to Houston to begin a new chapter in his career.

Amar'e Stoudemire

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    The expectations have risen in New York, and Amar'e Stoudemire is taking measures to make sure they'll be in position to exceed them.

    Earlier this summer, Stoudemire worked out with Hakeem Olajuwon, a trend that most superstars seem to follow.

    Whether Olajuwon's teachings have a significant impact on Stoudemire's game remains to be seen.

    However, it seems that Stoudemire's time with Olajuwon compelled head coach Mike Woodson to play a role in Stoudemire's development.

    As a result, Olajuwon is working with Knicks players in New York to prepare for the upcoming season, according to Chris Broussard of ESPN.com.

Derrick Rose

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    There probably isn't a player in the NBA who feels like they have something to prove more than Derrick Rose.

    After suffering a devastating knee injury in the playoffs last year, Derrick Rose is making an effort to recover.

    His journey back looks nothing short of inspiring.

    While the Bulls' priorities may have shifted from winning to ensuring Rose makes a full recovery, seeing him make it back to the court this season would be amazing.