Salary Per Minute of NBA's Highest Paid Stars

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Salary Per Minute of NBA's Highest Paid Stars
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We got to wondering, how much per minute do some of the biggest stars in the NBA make? Of course, when you come up with a question like that, you can only do one thing—figure out the answer. So of course, that's what we did. 

Now there is a major point of distinction here, we're talking about "stars," not players. I really had no interest in writing yet another article about how amnestied players like Rashard Lewis and Gilbert Arenas are overpaid. 

So I looked at the 10 highest paid players who had made an All-Star game in the last two years and then simply calculated how much money they made a minute this year.

Admittedly, you can argue that they put in more "minutes" when you account for all the travel time, practice time and even time on the bench. Of course, that's only partly true. If a player gets suspended for a game, he loses the commensurate portion of his salary.

Therefore technically you can argue that they are only paid for the actual games and the rest is free. 

So anyway, in the order of how much they make a minute, here are the 10 highest paid stars in the NBA. Think you can guess who's first?

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