Derrick Rose and the Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA

H HContributor IIIJanuary 6, 2012

Derrick Rose and the Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA

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    A complete point guard is a player who is willing to create for his teammates and who makes good decisions with the ball. A point guard also needs to be able to defend and have the ability to score when needed. The NBA features some of the most elite point guards in the entire world. Here is a list of the top five point guards in the NBA.

5. Russell Westbrook

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    Westbrook is a young athletic point guard with a lot of upside. He has good size and is a great scorer, rebounder and defender at his position. But he struggles in decision making and often times needs to distribute the ball more and shoot less. He shoots well from the line but struggles from the field, especially from three point range.

    If he learns to pick his shots better, limit his turnovers and becomes a more willing passer, look for his stock to rise in the NBA.

4. Deron Williams

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    Williams was once a top-two point guard in the league, but has struggled as of late. His shooting percentage has gone way down and his once accurate three-point shot has seen better days. His turnovers are up this season to over four per game and his New Jersey Nets are 1-6 on the year. But Williams is still a great player.

    Unfortunately for him, with Brook Lopez out, he has limited help surrounding him and he often times has to carry his team if he wants to get a win.

    If the Nets bring in a good big man to pair up with Williams (Dwight Howard?), look for his numbers to rise, as the other team’s defense will not be able to focus solely on him.

3. Rajon Rondo

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    As arguably the best passer in the league, Rondo runs the Celtics offense pretty well. He has the luxury of being surrounded by Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, which aids in his fantastic assist numbers. But the player who was once thought of as the potential weak link in the Celtics team is now their best player.

    Rondo has emerged as a great leader for the team and has learned to keep the offense running fluidly. He is one of the best rebounding point guards in the league and is an excellent defender with great length, but struggles shooting the ball. Defenders often times back off of Rondo, go under screens and blatantly disrespect his ability to shoot, giving him the three-point shot and mid-range jumper. It is obvious Rondo has worked on his shooting touch and has new confidence in his shot. Although he is nowhere near being a good shooter yet, there is improvement.

    If he can learn to hit the three, mid-range jumper and his free throws, Rondo could become one of the most unstoppable forces in the NBA.

2. Chris Paul

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    Before the emergence of my number one point guard pick into the NBA spotlight, Chris Paul was arguably the best point guard in the league. Although he has struggled with injuries in the past, Chris Paul appears to be healthy and has a lot of upside for the rest of his career.

    With his new starting point guard role solidified in Los Angeles for the Clippers, Paul has the opportunity to flourish. His pairing with the young, athletic power forward, Blake Griffin, allows Paul the opportunity to rack up assists and also relieve some of the pressure that he felt playing for the Hornets. Not only does he have Griffin to help him, Paul has the support of good shooting from Chauncey Billups and the help of Caron Butler, a player who can create his own shot and take some of the scoring load off of Paul. Lastly, he has an athletic center in DeAndre Jordan, who provides easy alley-oops and paired with Blake Griffin creates a duo of two young, athletic big men, full of potential.

    With his new cast surrounding him, Paul will find it easier to not only dish out assists, but also to win games. Paul is still the same player he was for the Hornets in that his game is pretty complete. He can score, create turnovers, pass the ball and shoot the three-point shot with consistency. You never have to question this guy’s will to win and now that he has such talented teammates I expect him and the Clippers to be a very successful team.

    Paul will only get better as the season continues and he gets more and more accustomed to playing with his new teammates. Paul is an elite point guard and the Clippers are the real deal.

1. Derrick Rose

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    Last season’s MVP was an easy choice as the best point guard in the league. He can do everything and is the main reason the Chicago Bulls are such a successful team.

    Early on, Rose was mainly a slasher and people questioned his ability to shoot. But now, Rose has a much improved mid-range game to go along with a consistent three-point shot. Paired with his 6’3” 190 pound frame and great athleticism is his ability to finish around the rim. His signature floater is one of the toughest shots to defend in the league and allows him to score over taller defenders in the paint.

    He is lightning quick and is the most explosive player going to the rack in the NBA. Rose does not shy away from the big shot, as seen on the nationally televised game against the Lakers on Christmas Day, in which he put his floater to good use. It elevated over everyone to make what turned out to be the game winning shot.

    He is also a willing passer, averaging nearly nine assists per game and a great free throw shooter—almost 90 percent from the charity stripe on the season. Rose has a great supporting cast with excellent role players, all of which are willing to defend and do anything to win, just like their star point guard.

    Rose is only going to get better. I expect him to remain at the top of this list for many years to come.