Slam Dunk Salvation: 10 Players Who Can Save the NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Alfred Garrido@@lfredgarridoContributor IIIAugust 14, 2011

Slam Dunk Salvation: 10 Players Who Can Save the NBA Slam Dunk Contest

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    Right after the battle of Superman and Krypto-Nate destroyed the once peaceful and exciting NBA Slam Dunk Contest world, a few terrible bounces, a stuff toy, and a cool Kia Optima came into scene just to worsen the situation in the league's main attraction during February. Since that moment, the NBA has never been more desperate to find itself a savior at least for the show that caps wild Saturday nights.

    Many tried, and they really tried hard, but colorful costumes and ornaments have been an informidable force that has wrapped the contest for several years now. The legions of NBA fans have been on their knees praying for a messiah that could bury everything in the past and open heaven's gate to a more nasty and entertaining slam dunk contest in the years to come. What they may want to see descending from the heavens may match these following names.

Derrick Williams

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    His arrival in the NBA could also mark the arrival of the dunk contest savior. Williams' athletic ability and athleticism made him one of the beasts in the college level and was believed to be the only NBA-ready player in the 2011 rookie class. His thundering slams might as well be heard around the world as hammers that nailed down a new tradition, at least for the contest.

JaVale McGee

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    When you thought that Dwight Howard was the last big man to pull off a show in the contest, JaVale McGee would have proven you wrong. His athleticism parallels his size and with proper use of these, he surely would pull off a classic showing in the dunk contest that the world would love to watch over and over again.

Andre Igoudala

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    He revolutionized dunking out of bounds behind the backboard. Sadly, he became a victim of Nate "Robber" Robinson in his own quest in 2006. Andre might be growing old and a bit of that athleticism he used to have might already been tombstoned but his strength and ability to pull off magnificent finishes never left his body. A second chance may not only bring him the crown but may also bring the contest back to its glory days.

J.R. Smith

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    2005 and 2009 were a bit unimpressive for J.R. Smith simply because of bad dunk choices. But man, look at that picture. If Smith rearranges his dunk arsenal and nails in a few of his dunk moves in actual games (except for threes), he would have mega power dunks that could have the judges shaking their heads in disbelief, and that would surely let him own the building.

Nick Young

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    Nick Young leveled up his potential last season when he blew away the roof of Verizon each and every night. He was also seen doing off the backboard, between-the-legs dunk and this. As you have seen, this kid has something that could create a classic.

Derrick Rose

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    I have always loved watching small guys that can wham a basketball hoop and Derrick Rose has been my favorite. I am pretty sure that others love watching him also. When Rose frees himself up and clears the lane, expect a monster jam coming up next.

    He lives by the reputation of being the most athletic point guard in the NBA today and having him in the dunk contest is something that may create a buzz in the history of the game.

Blake Griffin

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    One scenario that I want to see of Blake Griffin in the contest is this: bring in Howard, Nene, Tyson Chandler, and McGee all together, let them play defense on him while he dunks, bang them body to body in mid-air, slam the ball powerfully over the four defenders and celebrate in dramatic fashion.

    Griffin is our defending champion and watching the picture is more entertaining than watching him jump over a little car's hood without any spectacle. People want to see his power and athleticism which are his primary weapons in reviving the contest.

Demar DeRozan

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    His "Show Stopper" was arguably the best dunk of last year's contest. DeRozan's dunking ability is exceptional and his back-to-back losses just shows how the dunk contest has been paralyzed over the years. DeRozan is the type of player who loves using his body to add up to the beauty of his dunks, which the contest really needs this time.

James White

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    James White is the most electrifying dunker who never found success in the NBA. If miracles happen and an NBA team brings him in, the dunk contest might never be the same again. Flying from the free throw line dashing in wind mills, East Bays and double clutches can be something that will make us rub our eyes a couple of times, and the judges won't need chairs because he'll keep them on their feet.

LeBron James

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    During the slam dunk contest of 2009, LeBron took a mic and "officially" listed his name in the dunk contest of the following year. Fast forward to 2010, and we have simply the worst dunk contest and LeBron didn't show himself. That is LeBron James' swagger.

    The drama that surrounds LeBron's career is an additional factor that makes him one of the most probable saviors for the dunk contest. His athleticism steals shows every night and whether we hate him or we love him, we just can't resist watching him whack a rim. LeBron is the most electrifying star in the NBA today and fans all around the world would love to see what a dunk contest dominated by LeBron would look like.