Trading DeMar DeRozan: What Would the Raptors Want for Their Franchise Guy?

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Trading DeMar DeRozan: What Would the Raptors Want for Their Franchise Guy?
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Demar DeRozan is Toronto's greatest asset, and some could argue he's the best player on the team. No Raptors fan in their right mind would want to trade DeRozan, but if you had to, what would you want for him? What could the Raptors get back for DeRozan?

So often we see players being overvalued and others being shipped away from scraps despite both being very similar talents on the court. An example of an unfair market value would be Andrew Bynum. Sure he's a top-5 center in the NBA while healthy, but if you were to ask a Lakers fan their opinion on a Bynum-for-Okafor trade they'll probably hit you regardless of the fact that Okafor is also a young double-double guy who will play many more games than Bynum. Something like "potential" being tabbed on a player could vastly improve his value even after years have gone by without any support to the claim. Players like Courtney Lee and Daniel Gibson, among others, have been in the league for multiple seasons without "breaking out," yet many categorize them as equals to much more productive players like O.J Mayo and Reggie Williams.

Don't get me wrong I am in no way trying to suggest DeRozan is overrated like others mentioned above nor am I suggesting any trade. Instead I am just exploring what type of value DeRozan could bring back based on his status as a young star, and I will try to judge whether such a trade would be considered lop-sided by fans and how it would really play out on the court.

So here it is! I'll be listing some of the players' who's names have been been mentioned in rumors, and a few others just for fun. The slides will be presented in this order:

Trade Example: Just an example of a trade involving the two players being discussed, the trade itself and the"fillers" that might be involved don't effect later arguments, so don't pay to much attention to the sample trade.

My Take: Just an overview of the trade, and it's "my take" for a reason; you're totally encouraged to leave your take on these trade ideas in the comments section!

Higher Valued player: Which player is considered more valuable to fans, and why (if there's even a reason)

Winners of the trade: Overall winner of the trade and why, it could be surprising how the final result could differ from fans' views.

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