Kevin Durant Video: Watch OKC Thunder Star Make It Rain at Rucker Park

Brandon GalvinFeatured ColumnistAugust 2, 2011

If there was ever a shadow of a doubt who the best basketball player in the world is, Kevin Durant just put an end to all the hoopla.

That’s it, it’s over.

The Oklahoma City Thunder superstar just made it rain on the biggest stage of all—New York City’s Rucker Park.

It’s impossible to deny Durant of his title. Forget Kobe "Lord of the Rings" Bryant, Shawn "The Matrix" Marion, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki.

Nobody compares to Durant. Nobody.

I don’t even know what we’re supposed to call Durant after his heroic 66-point performance.

Perhaps God works because good God almighty, the man not only made it rain, he brought the thunder, pain and sent a shockwave through Harlem with a lightning bolt that emanated from his finger tips.

Sixty-six points, are you kidding me?

The Harlem crowd couldn’t even believe it. Just look at how they mob the kid after his remarkable performance.

Seriously, I’m surprised the lights didn’t burst since KD was literally lights out as he dropped down trey after trey with ease.

And look at the kid muscle for rebounds, effortlessly maneuver down the court and just spot up to rock the house like it’s nobody else’s business. That’s because nobody messes with this basketball God.

This is what Durant’s been doing for the past calendar year.

He was our shining hero last year in the FIBA World Championship, which he naturally took home MVP. He could have very well been the MVP of the NBA season, but he’ll surely capture that this year, so no worries.  

What more could you ask for? OK, fine, a 66-point performance against the top street ballers in the world just for giggles.

Never mind the NBA, Rucker Park is where a baller truly defines himself. Rucker is where you take it back to the good ol’ days of no holds barred ball, the days where you earn every inch.

And nobody has ever put together a performance of Durant’s magnitude. This is pure basketball right here folks, no need for referees or fouls, just straight up ball. Durant has officially cemented his legacy with his Rucker heroics.

Say hello to your next NBA MVP and Champion because KD has officially taken his game to a new level. 

-Brandon Galvin is a Bleacher Report Featured Columnist and Syndicated Writer. 

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